Tao Te Ching / God’s Teaching in Ancient China

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These are at the heart of Lao Tzu’s teachings, ancient Chinese teachings about the Divine Creator (God), a book that teaches how to return to constancy. Returning to constancy, everything will return to the Unity of Tao/God. Returning to constancy, our being/spirit will be nourished by (heavenly) living water. It is the source of power in everything. With it, the world will operate more effectively.

How to return to constancy? Lao Tzu taught principles in three aspects.

  1. how to be a good ruler
  2. how to be a good assistant to a ruler (public servant)
  3. how to be a good citizen

Understanding all these principles, we can collaborate to transform the world.

This Book divided into two parts.
#TAO (The Way) ── Divine Principles and the Attributes of God
#TE (Virtues) ── The Virtues we Cultivate to Reflect the Image of God
When we approach our study in this way, I find we can learn more about God.

Returning to constancy, a being will be nourished by Tao naturally, the mind will return to the state of working only for good, its energy will extend the reach of creativity, life will be simplified with less material desire, the heart will return to being pure and honest. Power will be used for the good of others.

The Divine Teachings are to connect human hearts together. The way to rule a nation through understanding the human heart is what the Tao Te Ching provides. This principle is not only strengthen the connection between rulers, administrators, and people but also for the establishment of the relationship between man and God.

When we return to Tao, our heart returns to our Creator. In spirit, our being enters the shadow of the protection of God. When a ruler rules his nation with Tao, outwardly, we see people live with peace in the country. Inwardly, we see people live with peace in the Kingdom of God. Through the principles in the Tao Te Ching, we know the attributes of God, and how He rules the human heart. Through cultivating ideal virtues, we see the image of God in ourselves. God truly created mankind in His image.

Today, world peace is not established and the human heart does not live in tranquility, this is because humanity in general is far from Tao/God, and the connections among men are weak and fragile. Education has brought us tremendous material civilization in this age. Today, the world also needs spiritual education to move forward Divine Civilization. Spiritual education helps people to understand spiritual reality and helps cultivate ideal virtues for living as a healthy spiritual being.

Material education and spiritual education are like two wings of man. Both need to be developed because they give two essential powers, one is physical power and the other is spiritual power. With both types of education, prosperity can be ensured and peace among mankind can be reached. That is the true happiness of life which God bestows on mankind, abiding beneath the shadow of His protection, and living in the realm of the Kingdom of God. This is the ultimate goal of the teachings of God.