Tao Te Ching Chapter 52

52nd Chapter
All created things have their origin, this source of life is like a mother.
If one finds the source of his life and connects with it, then he knows how his life is given and sustained,
In order to maintain his life, he will cling to the source of life.
Once his life is being nourished, then he won’t be in danger.

If a man guards his physical senses and doesn’t let temptation drive his mind, then he can avoid living a life chasing idle fancies and vain imagination.
If he keeps his physical senses open and allows temptation to take hold of him, then he will be occupied with seeking the enjoyment of physical pleasures. In this case, no one can save his inner being.
(Instead of letting the mind run wild, we guard it, and don’t let it get into situations that are dangerous to our inner being.)

If a man can remain aware of any temptation, then we call him “vigilant”.
If a man can maintain his softness of heart, he will be able to move among rigid people, then we call him a “strong one”.
If a man’s heart has been kindled, he will be able to use that light to see the truth clearly.
Then he won’t fall into unseen danger.
In this case, we call him one who lives in Tao.

Implications from the Holy Books

Return, then, and cleave wholly unto God, and cleanse thine heart from the world and all its vanities, and suffer not the love of any stranger to enter and dwell therein. Not until thou dost purify thine heart from every trace of such love can the brightness of the light of God shed its radiance upon it, …… And as the human heart, as fashioned by God, is one and undivided, it behooveth thee to take heed that its affections be, also, one and undivided. Cleave thou, therefore, with the whole affection of thine heart, unto His love, and withdraw it from the love of anyone besides Him, that He may aid thee to immerse thyself in the ocean of His unity, and enable thee to become a true upholder of His oneness. God is My witness. My sole purpose in revealing to thee these words is to sanctify thee from the transitory things of the earth, and aid thee to enter the realm of everlasting glory, that thou mayest, by the leave of God, be of them that abide and rule therein.  ── Bahá’u’lláh, Gleanings From the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh 114

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