What We Do

Why do we need to know our spiritual reality?

How can spiritual education help us to improve our life?

How can we learn about the spiritual reality?

Our community efforts are to invite friends to learn about the spiritual reality with us
To learn together for translating the language of Divine knowledge into our daily action
To apply divine principles in our daily life
To improve our inner condtion to receive the Divine Bounties for the betterment of the world
To estabilsh the new world order through divine inspiration

Spiritual Living / Devotional life

The power of Love is from God. To sustain that power we must seek from the source of the power. Living a Devoitional Life (prayer and meditation) can help us to stay connected with the Spirit and divine inspiration. Through Devotional gatherings we also strengthen the bonds of Unity.

Commuity devotional gathering

The benefits from the devotional gathering

Acquire the Knowledge of God /

Gain the knowledge of God through all the Divine teachers and observe the Nature of all created things. Reflect on the Word of God with friends to expand our vision together. By understanding the spiritual reality to free us from ignorance.

Why children need spiritual education
What can be expected in a children class
JYEP Junior Youth Empowerment Program / Service oriented leadership

Serve Communities and Institutions

Walk the Path of Service together to strengthen human relationships and advance both material and divine civilization. Establish essential relationships ── with individuals, with communities, with institutions ── through serving humanity.

The community transformation can be expect from your involvement

Let’s make something beautiful together.