Tao Te Ching Chapter 31

31st Chapter
Weapons are ominous things. People detest them.
Therefore, it is not the choice of followers of the Tao.
A nobleman prefers “left”, but for whom prefers violence he prefers “right”. (In ancient philosophy, left represents Yan, which relates to birth; right represents Yin, which relates to death.)

Weapons are ominous things; they are not the tool of a noble man.
He only uses them when there is really no choice and a necessity.
Peace is what a noble man treasures. If weapons must be used, even if he wins, he won’t see that as a good thing.
But for those who like competition and see winning as pleasure, they are more likely to prefer weapons.

For those who like to beat down others, they won’t succeed in their life.

The left is a blessing, the right is for mourning at a funeral.
A general is positioned at the left, a commander-in-chief is positioned at the right.
This shows that war is conducted as a funeral.
If many lives have been sacrificed, people should feel sorrow and grief for the loss.
Even in victory, people should have a memorial service to commemorate the dead.
(The fight is for justice, not for patriotism.)

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