Tao Te Ching Chapter 74

74th Chapter
If men are not afraid to die (they don’t believe in God’s judgement),
It is of no avail to threaten them with death.
If men are afraid of death (they fear God’s judgement),
then they won’t act to harm themselves.
If people are taught the consequence they face when they disobey God’s rules, then who would commit evil acts?
If there are judges who can carry out Tao’s principles and judge fairly, then there will be true justice in the country.
If a country lets someone judge who isn’t fair, this is like letting a “non-carpenter do a carpenter’s job.”
In this case, when the country allows incompetent people to enforce justice, then it is more likely to cause harm.

Implications from the Holy Books

O servants! This nether world is the abode of demons: Guard yourselves from approaching them. By demons is meant those wayward souls who, with the burden of their evil deeds, slumber in the chambers of oblivion. Their sleep is preferable to their wakefulness, and their death is better than their life.

O servants! Forsake your own desires and seek that which I have desired for you. Walk ye not without one to guide you on the way, and accept ye not the words of every guide. How numerous the guides who have gone astray and failed to discover the straight Path! He alone is a guide who is free from the bondage of this world and whom nothing whatsoever can dete r from speaking the truth.

O servant of God! Turn thou away from the stranger, that thou mayest recognize the Friend. He indeed is a stranger who leadeth you away from the Friend. This is not the day whereon the high priests can command and exercise their authority. In your Book it is stated that the high priests will, on that day, lead men far astray, and will prevent them from drawing nigh unto Him. He indeed is a high priest who hath seen the light and hastened unto the way leading to the Beloved. Such a man is a benevolent priest and a source of illumination to the whole world.  ──   Bahá’u’lláh, The Tabernacle of Unity

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