Tao Te Ching Chapter 67

67th Chapter

People say that the Tao I follow is great and beyond compare. It is different from what they know.
Because of its greatness, it is different from anything else.
If it were not different, it would be small and powerless.

I have three things, which I hold fast and treasure.
The first is loving-kindness.
The second is being frugal (simple and pure) for himself but generous for others.
The third is humility, with a fear of putting his benefit in front of others.

Loving-kindness becomes the courage to act (audacity).
Being simple and pure promotes generosity of spirit (grace).
Fear of putting his benefit in front of others allows him to aid the success of others.

Today people choose to be bold, instead of showing loving-kindness;
They choose to parade their wealth, instead of being simple and pure;
They choose to be leader to promote themselves, instead of helping others become successful;
Therefore, it gradually leads to spiritual death.

If a man conquers others with loving-kindness, then he will succeed.
If he abides under loving-kindness, then connections with others will be firmly established.
Who does Heaven (God) save and guard?
It will be the one who abides in loving-kindness.

Implications from the Holy Books

In this Revelation the hosts that can render it victorious are the hosts of praiseworthy deeds and upright character. The leader and commander of these hosts hath ever been the fear of God, a fear that encompasseth all things and reigneth over all things. ──   Bahá’u’lláh, Splendors

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