Tao Te Ching Chapter 33

33rd Chapter
One who knows others is intelligent;
One who knows himself is truly wise.
A powerful person wins over others,
A strong person wins over his own ego.
A man who is content has true (spiritual) wealth.
A man who perseveres will reach his goal.
If he holds to his true nature, his life (inner being) will last,
Even though his body dies, his spirit will continue to live as an eternal being.

Implications from the Holy Books

A person may conquer in battle a thousand soldiers a thousand times yet the best of conquerors are those who conquer their inner enemies.  ── Buddha

To speak no ill, to do no harm, to practice self-restraint, to be moderate in eating, and to devote oneself to higher consciousness is the Teaching of all the Buddhas. ── Buddha  

Health is the best gain. Contentment is the best wealth. Nirvana is the supreme bliss.  ── Buddha

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