Tao Te Ching Chapter 50

50th Chapter
Between birth and death, three in ten nourish their inner being;
Three in ten don’t care for their inner being, which leads to withering and death;
Another three in ten could live longer, but they make wrong choices, which leads to early death.
Why is this so?
Because the more they cherish life, the more likely they are to live as long as they were created to live.
(If one cares for his inner being it will reflect in his physical life.)

There is a saying,
Whoever nourishes and protects all life, when he travels, noone will harm him (such as a tiger that would attack to defend itself).
weapons (slanderous words) can’t harm him in the battlefield.
For in him rhinoceroses (vain attackers) can find no reason to thrust their horn,
Tigers (threatening people) no reason to use their claws,
And swords have no reason to pierce him.
Why is this so?
Because he harms no one and no one can harm him.

Implications from the Holy Books

God is near unto those who have faith, taking them out of deep darkness into the light – whereas near unto those who are bent on denying the truth are the powers of evil that take them out of the light into darkness deep: it is they who are destined for the fire, therein to abide. —  Quran 2:257

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