Tao Te Ching Chapter 45

45th Chapter
The one with the greatest perfection is so different from what the world understands, that to the world he is imperfect. But his usefulness is not imperfect.
The one who receive the most bounty, as he gives to the world, appears like he keeps losing. But his usefulness does not run out.
The one with the greatest righteousness will change the bad habits of the world, but people think he is going to destroy the world.
The one with the greatest wisdom from following Tao, has great flexibility, so it appears like he is lax with principles.
The one with the greatest eloquence, most of the time keeps silent, so it appears like he doesn’t know how to talk.
A calm mind is better than an impatient mind.
A cool mind can extinguish burning desire and the heat of emotion.
A clear and quiet mind is the foundation to make the world right.

Implications from the Holy Books

Jesus was a poor man. One night when He was out in the fields, the rain began to fall. He had no place to go for shelter so He lifted His eyes toward heaven, saying, “O Father! For the birds of the air Thou hast created nests, for the sheep a fold, for the animals dens, for the fish places of refuge, but for Me Thou hast provided no shelter. There is no place where I may lay My head. My bed consists of the cold ground; My lamps at night are the stars, and My food is the grass of the field. Yet who upon earth is richer than I? For the greatest blessing Thou hast not given to the rich and mighty but unto Me, for Thou hast given Me the poor. To me Thou hast granted this blessing. They are Mine. Therefore am I the richest man on earth.” —’Abdu’l-Bahá, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, 4/19/1912

The essence of faith is fewness of words and abundance of deeds; he whose words exceed his deeds, know verily his death is better than his life.
The essence of true safety is to observe silence, to look at the end of things and to renounce the world. — Bahá’u’lláh, Words of Wisdom

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