Tao Te Ching Chapter 32

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32nd Chapter
The eternal Tao is nameless. Its nature is simplicity.
Although people have little awareness of it, everyone will submit to its invisible power in the end.
If a leader can follow Tao to serve his people, everyone will follow him and everything will find its place.
When the attributes of a king emulate the heavenly attributes, the bestowal of Tao will be abundant.
Without supplication or requests to Tao/God, everything will be provided to everyone.
The king’s name will become well known to more people.
If the king can remain lowly before Tao even after he is famous, then no danger will come to him and his dominion will last.
When a king builds his kingdom with Tao (path), more and more people will follow that path to come to his kingdom and everything will return to its greatness like all streams flow in their valleys into the river or great ocean.

Implications from the Holy Books

…… the loved ones of God to be forbearing towards their fellowmen, and to be so sanctified and detached from all things, and to evince such sincerity and fairness, that all the peoples of the earth may recognize them as the trustees of God amongst men. Consider to what lofty heights the injunctions of the Almighty have soared, and how abject is the habitation wherein these feeble souls are now abiding. Blessed are they who, on the wings of certitude, have flown in the heavens which the Pen of thy Lord, the All-Merciful, hath spread. ──   Bahá’u’lláh, Gleanings From the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh 115

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