Tao Te Ching Chapter 57

57th Chapter
If a man wants to be a great leader, he must learn to follow the Tao.
He must use weapons differently than is commonly done in the world, (Weapons are ominous things; they are not the tool of a noble man. He only uses them when there is really no choice and it is necessary. ── Chapter 31 )
He must eliminate his own desires, and only pursue the people’s needs, in order to earn the trust of his people.
How do I know this is the right way to rule a country? From these situations:

The more laws and restrictions that are set, the poorer the people become in terms of wealth and well-being.
(Because the laws become the limitation for individuals and society to express the richness of their life and spirit.)
The more weapons that are made, the more it shows the weakness of the ruler, and the more chaotic the world could become.
The craftier and more devious are the people, the more weird and unexpected things can happen.
The more complicated the law, it shows the law has lost its purpose; therefore, the more people violate it.

Therefore, a sage who follows Tao says:
I do things selflessly to not block the flow of Tao among people, then their spirit of life will be nourished by Tao naturally.
I quite my mind and don’t allow vain thoughts to cause needless acts, so people’s mind will return to the state of doing things only for good.
I won’t force people to do unnecessary things and drain their energy or possessions, then people can use their energy to build their own material and spiritual prosperity.
I won’t let my desire complicate my life and others, instead I live simply, then people will then live simply with less desire also.
I will not favor or disfavor anyone, and won’t allow bribes or corruption, then people can naturally become pure and honest.

Implications from the Holy Books

The source of all good is trust in God, submission unto His command, and contentment with His holy will and pleasure. —Bahá’u’lláh, Words of Wisdom

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