Tao Te Ching Chapter 61

61st Chapter
When a great country humbly treats the small countries, it is like a lowland where all streams will flow to it,
every country will want to associate with it.
If the great country nourishes small countries with feminine power, humble, with meekness and tranquility, then it can overcome rigidity and earn their trust.

Therefore, if a great country lowers itself before a small one, it wins trust.
And if a small country can lower itself before a great one,
it will win the friendship and protection of that “great” country.
Whether it earns trust or earns friendship by lowering themselves,
if the great country is willing to continue to provide for the needs of small countries and does not desire to overpower them,
and if the small countries are willing to share the skills they have and not try to gain power for themselves from the great country,
then the intercommunication among all countries can be established and all can benefit and progress.
When a great country lowers itself before a small one, that is how it can lead the nations.

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