Tao Te Ching Chapter 62

62nd Chapter
Tao is the mystery of all His created things.
The good man treasures Him, and the bad man seeks refuge from Him.
Whether good or bad, Tao protects them all.
Kind words can earn respect.
Good deeds can earn honor.
If Tao abandons no one, how can we abandon anyone?

When an emperor ascends to his throne and establishes his ministerial team,
offering him the teachings of Tao will be more helpful than offering him wealth or expertise.
Why did people cherish Tao more in Ancient days?
Isn’t it because whoever asks of Him will be sufficed and whoever seeks His forgiveness will be forgiven?
Because Tao is All-Sufficing and All-Forgiving, He is the most cherished of all.

Implications from the Holy Books

It is a self-evident truth that all humanity is the creation of God. All are His servants and under His protection. All are recipients of His bestowals. God is kind to all His servants. At most it is this: that some are ignorant; they must be educated in order that they may become intelligent. Some are immature as children; they must be aided and assisted in order that they may become mature. Some are sick and ailing; they must be healed. But the suffering patient must not be tested by false treatment. The child must not be warped and hindered in its development. The ignorant must not be restricted by censure and criticism. We must look for the real, true remedy. ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, The Promulgation of Universal Peace 4/21/1912

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