Tao Te Ching Chapter 75

75th Chapter
The reason people are hungry, is because taxes are too high.
The injustice and the greed of tax collectors cause people’s hunger and make their lives hard.
The reason behind this is the false idea of success, and tax collectors seeking material reward as the sign of success, instead of serving their people well and earning respect.
Setting their will against the people’s will is the reason for resentment.
The more the tax collector collects, the more taxpayers becomes resentful.
Only when the tax collector does their job to serve the people, instead of taking advantage of it to gain their own benefit, then they can be a true protector of life.
Whoever protects others benefit are the kind of men who are truly people who treasure all life.

Implications from the Holy Books

We have enjoined upon all mankind to establish the Most Great Peace—the surest of all means for the protection of humanity. The sovereigns of the world should, with one accord, hold fast thereunto, for this is the supreme instrument that can ensure the security and welfare of all peoples and nations. They, verily, are the manifestations of the power of God and the daysprings of His authority. We beseech the Almighty that He may graciously assist them in that which is conducive to the well-being of their subjects. A full explanation regarding this matter hath been previously set forth by the Pen of Glory; well is it with them that act accordingly. ─ Bahá’u’lláh,  Splendors

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