靈裡的禱告 Pray in spirit

榮光之子啊! 除了我,忘記一切並與我靈交。這乃是我誡命的精華,轉向它吧。(巴哈歐拉,隱言經16) O Son of Light! Forget all save Me and commune with My spirit. This is of the essence of My command, therefore turn unto it. (Bahá’u’lláh, The Hidden Words 16) 靈裡的禱告是忘掉一切想法和外面的環境,而顧到的是裏面的感受。譬如碰到困難時,帶著事情來到神面前祈求神幫助,我們顧慮的就是(外面的)事情,而不是(裏面的)感受,這是心思的禱告。若我們帶著的是感受來祈禱,我們在神面前面對的是自己的軟弱(害怕或擔心的感受),我們祈求的自然是克服軟弱的力量,我們專注的是在靈裡倚靠神,不斷在軟弱中交託,藉著倚靠神的力量來度過心思帶來的暴風雨。進入靈裡,看見的與面對的是感受,不再是事情。 Praying in spirit requires us to forget the world outside and the ideas in our mind. The […]

Spiritual mind set

靈性觀照Spiritual mind set 量子物理的研究我們知道,光既是粒子,也是波動。科學家發現,當觀察者的實驗的設置針對觀察粒子而設置時,所觀察到的就只是粒子特質;當實驗設置是針對觀察波動的時,所觀察的就是波動的特質。科學家發現,這是創造界的complimentary 互補特質,但因為人選擇觀察的角度,而有了觀察的效應(observer effect )。我發現,這特質也同樣反映在我們看事情上。 As we know, quantum science discovered that light is a particle and also a wave. Science discovered that when an experiment set up for particle observing, what they observe is only particle behavior. When the experiment set up for wave observing, what they […]

About this life and next life

(This is the speech of  Abdu’l-Bahá on o6 July 1912, Talk at 309 West Seventy-eighth Street, New York) In the world of existence man has traversed successive degrees until he has attained the human kingdom. In each degree of his progression he has developed capacity for advancement to the next […]

The Planes of the Soul

As to the planes of the soul, its conditions and degrees; the cause of its abasement and exaltation and its origin, know thou: spirit hath illimitable stations and innumerable conditions or degrees. But in the world of existence they are generally limited and enumerated as: 1) the cohesive mineral, 2) […]

How do we know God ?

Know that the reality of the Divinity and the nature of the divine Essence is ineffable sanctity and absolute holiness; that is, it is exalted above and sanctified beyond every praise. All the attributes ascribed to the highest degrees of existence are, with regard to this station, mere imagination. The […]

The Human Soul

THOU hast asked Me concerning the nature of the soul. Know, verily, that the soul is a sign of God, a heavenly gem whose reality the most learned of men hath failed to grasp, and whose mystery no mind, however acute, can ever hope to unravel. It is the first among […]