Why does man need to seek the truth


Life has two types: the life of the body and the spirit of life. The body belongs to nature. It follows the natural laws. It is contingent. The spirit of life belongs to the super natural. It follows the Word of God. It is eternal. The body is sustained by the sun and other objects are produced from the effect of the sun. In the same way, the spirit of life is sustained by the Sun of Truth, that is, the Word of God, Who is the Manifestation of God. The Manifestation of God is the Sun in the spiritual realm. They are the center and the light of the spiritual realm. There is only one sun in our visible world. Also, there is only one Sun of Truth in the spiritual world. The many Manifestations of God are the Suns that have risen during different times and in different locations.


Without the sun, man can’t live. Without the Sun of Truth the spirit of life lives in darkness. These are the two realities of life in a man. A man needs both the sun in the material world and the Sun of Truth in the spiritual world to live.


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