Diversity and Inclusiveness 多元化與包容

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) has a very unique International Hospitality Program, which celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. They care about their international students. Volunteer host families befriend the students and share time with them, so the family and the students learn about each other‘s culture and customs. Each […]

真理是一 Truth is One

Truth is one. Truth is like an ocean without shores. 真理是一、真理浩瀚無邊。 Whenever we talk about or hear about the truth, it is only one aspect of it, not the whole thing. 我們每次談論的、聽見的真理,都只是真理的一個層面,並非全部。 Truth has many levels of meaning, by learning the many levels of meaning, we raise our understanding of […]

Heart and Mind 心與意識心

How often hath the human heart, which is the recipient of the light of God and the seat of the revelation of the All-Merciful, erred from Him Who is the Source of that light and the Well Spring of that revelation. (Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh 93) 人的心是上帝之光的接收者,為滿懷慈悲者啟示的宅地,然而,人心卻往往迷失了方向而遠離祂那靈光之源和啟示之泉。(巴哈歐拉聖文選粹93) Although […]

Inner life with Inner observation (3) 內在生活與內觀 3

Title: Internalized Cause and Effect 執著有的因與果 Question Discussed 探討問題: Is emotion from our heart or mind? Can we change how we feel in our heart through changing our mind? 情緒是心還是意識心?心的感覺可以藉由意識心的改變而去改變嗎? What is the dust which obscures the mirror? It is attachment to the world, avarice, envy, love of luxury and […]

Inner life with Inner observation (1) 內在生活與內觀 1

Title: Soul 人性靈 Question Discused: Can we learn about our soul? And How? 探討問題: 我們可以認識靈魂嗎? 如何去認識? So the other human realities are souls, which, like the moon, acquire their light from the sun, but that sanctified Reality is luminous in and of itself. (Abdu’l-Baha, Some Answered Questions) 「靈魂是人類的實在之一,就像月亮一樣,它從太陽獲取光,但那(靈魂)神聖化的本質是光明的。 」(阿博都巴哈) The […]

心靈瑜珈 Yoga in spirit

在瑜珈教室,我們在動作裡,觀照我們的心,藉由提高動作的挑戰性,來訓練肌肉與我們不放棄的心,藉以提升到更深一層的身、心平衡。這種練習,可以幫助我們在身體限制上的超越。 The physical challenges we face when we are doing yoga exercise relate to our muscles and mind. By learning to have awareness of our body and mind in yoga class, with each challenge we practice deeper levels of balance of our body and mind. This kind of practice can […]