Sacred Garden

Entering into Your garden
I imagine You are there
I observe what You have planted
And smell every fragrance from the flowers
All I seek
Is the sign of Your care
So I can feel You are there

For all the things You planted
Are according to Your design
No matter how I feel that day
In the garden
The fragrance always makes me smile
It’s Your magic
To make the secret garden so fantastic

As I leave the garden
I know next time when I come back
Something will be different
Maybe something grows taller
Some flowers bloom bigger
Some bushes start to have fruit
There is alway something to make me linger

From all the signs from the plants You grow
I know You are always there
I am grateful that You gave me the key
Entering this sacred garden
Shows me how wonderful is it
This is the greatest gift I ever received
And to know You are there is the most precious gift

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