Spiritual Seeing

Did you ever wonder what makes the plants grow? The power of growth is the spiritual power in the vegetable kingdom and that is what makes plants grow. It is the power from God and it makes things come alive. Most of us think it is the sun, water, and air… But without the spiritual power, lives can’t exist.

Can we see the spiritual power when we see plants grow? We can’t see it with our eyes, but we can recognize the existence of spiritual power when we see them grow. This recognition is the vision of our spiritual eyes. By recognizing the condition of growth…… We recognize the strength of the spiritual power and recognize the inner life of plants.

Spiritual seeing is different from our eyes seeing. Spiritual seeing means recognizing the invisible spiritual power which is the power behind all phenomena that we see with our eyes. It is the same with the human kingdom. If we recognize that whatever things that happen in this world which are caused by man are due to the power of the spirit of man, then we see our spirit with our inner eyes.

The spirit of man has two aspects: one divine, one satanic. The divine aspect is from God and the satanic is from our ego. From the deeds and virtues of man, we recognize which aspect of spiritual power has been used. By recognizing the spiritual power, we recognize the condition of the inner being.

Are we aware of what is in our minds? Do we recognize the mindset that will form a certain type of deed or virtue? Are we aware of what type of power, divine or satanic, we use to respond to the world outside? Do we know that this tells us the condition of our inner being at that very moment? When we are aware and recognize all this, it means we are seeing with our inner eyes.

The Divine teacher, Baha’u’llah, has taught us how to see with our inner eyes in this revelation. Praise to His Glory!

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