Praise to His Glory

There was time of struggle in my life. I started learning about Buddha’s teachings.

Until that year… I really hit the bottom. From time to time, I wondered when the suffering would be over? There was no answer for months and years. Until one day the message came to me.

“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.”

I know there is a Power above all. He knows me and He watches over me. I listened to that voice calling and I responded to it by following my heart. Not long after I decided to follow the inner voice, the situation changed. When we are willing to listen and seek, God knows our heart. And He is the one that can change our heart, but only when we are willing to change. Then we see the signs of guidance.

I started listening to a series of courses online and got into spiritual practice. I learned to pray and how to be near to God. I learned to be more responsible to take action in order to meet the pleasure of God. I was learning Christ’s teachings and started learning about God.

Some people told me Buddha is the greatest teacher and the next one won’t come until millions of year later. Some people told me Jesus is the only one that can save us and bring us into heaven. There are people who told me that focusing on one Book is enough to bring one to enlightenment. I also learned that some people are afraid to touch other Holy Writings, because they have been taught it is betraying their faith.

I am thankful that God gave me the courage to not listen to this kind of warning and not be afraid to explore in my own journey. I am thankful that God gave me the signs of His protection and made me able to trust Him above all others. I am thankful that Baháu’lláh guided me through His Tablets and helped me understand the spiritual meaning of different Holy Writings. I am thankful that Baháu’lláh opened my inner eyes to see the spiritual meaning of the challenges in our life and helped me to recognize the connection between the spiritual and physical realities.

Baháu’lláh shines His wisdom light to help us see in today’s darkness. Baháu’lláh brings millions of God’s followers to explore the Holy Writings like I did and brings people from different beliefs into one faith. Baháu’lláh help the children of God unite through understanding the oneness of spiritual reality and that the spiritual teachings all came from the same God. Baháu’lláh guides His servants into the mystery of the Kingdom with Divine Science and Art. Baháu’lláh is the greatest spiritual teacher and divine physician of this universal cycle. He is the falcon on the arm of Almighty God.

Baháu’lláh is the name of the greatest Buddha foretold in the language of Persia. Baháu’lláh is the new name of returned Christ, meaning “the Glory of God”. As Christ promised… The returned Christ, Baháu’lláh, brings all the things He promised to bring us, and today it has all been written down in the Tablets revealed to the world (the Baha’i Writings). He opened wide the gate of heaven for the true followers of God to meet his beloved.

See with your own spiritual eyes, not those of others. And hear with your own spiritual ears, not from your neighbors. The heavenly banquet is set (the Divine Covenant). The invitations have been sent. The trumpet is calling. The Great ocean is surging. The Glory of God is stepping out from the veil of Ancient Mystery. The light of His beauty is shining above the horizon of the spiritual sky. Now He is calling for the Divine Unity.

“ This is truly the day of the Glory of God. The age of the Blessed Perfection, the cycle of the Greatest Name. If you do not smile now, for what time will you await and what greater happiness could you expect? This is the springtime of manifestation. The vernal shower has descended from the cloud of divine mercy; the life-giving breeze of the Holy Spirit is wafting the perfume of blossoms. From field and meadow rises a fragrant breath of thanksgiving like pure incense ascending to the throne of God. The world has become a new world; souls are quickened, spirits renewed, refreshed. Truly it is a time for happiness.”  ( ʻ Abdu’l Bahá )

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