Turn toward God

When something surprises me, a miracle happens to me

I turn toward God to show my joy

And give thanks to Him for His love


When someone said something not nice to me

I turn toward God to express my feelings

And pray for forgiveness for the person who made the mistake


When I do something not nice to express my emotion

I turn toward God and be sorry for it

Adjust my attitude so my heart can soften to generate gratitude


When a challenge comes

I turn toward God and let Him know I will endure it

Face it so I can grow from it


When I have a worry and the mind goes crazy

I turn toward God and lay my burden in front of Him

Put my trust in Him and give a little bit of time to Him

So the things can have time to unfold

And I have time to learn to let go of it


When I see the world lacks something

I turn toward God and tell Him I willing do something about it

And make the change of it


When I feel mad or hurt

I turn toward God and praise Him

So His words can stay with me

And the power of words can release me from the emotion

And His Grace can fill my heart with His joy


God does not like to see us fight

Instead He like us be humble to come to His side

We won’t feel the breeze from the Spirit

Unless We open a window to let it in

We won’t receive the rain of mercy from the cloud

Unless We are ready let the soil be exposed underneath


Turn toward God

And open our heart

So the hardened soil is ready for water to soften in our heart

Build our faith toward God

Let Him arrange it and gradually unfolded in front of our eyes

And Let our patience become the reason to receive the Grace from His love

Praise be to God! And Glory be to God!

Let Him in our heart and trust Him be our God!

Life will be so different when we have a good relationship with our God

And are willing to love Him back from bottom of our heat.        

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