All men’s hearts are seeking something to be bound to, for sustainment and hope. We search and search, but nowhere do we find a source of everlasting sustainment and un-fading hope on earth. This longing is in our true nature. It is something within us when we were created. Because of the longing, we have a desire to seek the source of our life. Because it is from our heart, by following our heart we have a direction to aim towards. When the desire to search start up, our spiritual journey begins. God wants us to know Him, because He is the source of life. God wants us to seek Him with all our heart, because He is the All-sufficer and He is the deliverer of hope.

No matter where the dewdrop falls, it flows back to the ocean eventually, although it may follow different paths according to conditions that exist. No matter where we were born, our life flows according to external and internal conditions, and the journey to the source of life will begin eventually. Where do we come from, where will we return to? Our body is from dust, so it returns to dust. Our soul is from God, so it returns to God. Do you ever wonder “who am I?” or “what is the meaning of our life?” This kind of curiosity is a gift from God.  It becomes the attraction force for us to follow and the direction to head to — to start the journey back to God. Parents give life to a child, so they can be surrounded by their family. This is the joyful family life of the visible world. God bestows spiritual life to mankind, so He can be surrounded by His children. This is the joyful family life of invisible world. It is heavenly.

So we need to learn about spiritual reality. We can’t say we know ourselves unless we know about our spiritual life. God sends down Divine teachers to us, so we can receive the knowledge of spiritual guidance. Divine teachers tell us — the spiritual life is more bountiful than our physical life. Spiritual life is our real life. It is eternal and the exaltation of it is beyond men’s imagination.

O servant of God! We revealed Ourself to thee once in thy sleep, but thou didst remain unaware. Remember now, that thou mayest perceive and hasten with heart and soul to the placeless Friend. (Bahá’u’lláh, The Tabernacle of Unity)

O friends! Have you heard God’s calling in your heart?

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