An Appointment With God In This Life And The Next Life – Introduction

This begins a series of posts that were originally published in Chinese on This is the Chinese language companion to, which has been updated regularly for the past few months. Liang has been putting forward spiritual principles from Baha’i, Christian and Buddhist teachings she has encountered on her journey. We will begin with the Introduction:

When I started to share my heart’s journey, I originally wanted to have a system to share, but life will always bring a different discovery, and I decided to go with the flow. What I will share is my personal understanding and experience of the Spirit, perhaps it will be different from your understanding and experience. I hope that it will help us all become more open to accept each other.

Spiritual exploration is the pursuit of a return to nature and a return to God. It is the type of exploration that can be done within religion, because facts about the invisible existence of the spirit cannot be described only in words, but can be practiced in such a way as to experience and verify in life. “Return” implies the reverse of common thinking and practice, if this world of the various operating rules we call it “world law”, that return to nature and the way God adopted, the law may be called “other-world law” or heavenly law. These two kinds of law represent different ways of doing things and treating people, and only by understanding God and this heavenly law can help us return to our true nature, and our hearts to find home.

For example, it is like gravity, we can not see it, but when the apple falls, we see it play a role. The influence of the Spirit in our lives is like gravity. It is a fountain. It is about the birth and continuation of life. It also influences our thoughts, decisions, and actions. In nature it is the cosmic nebula constantly changing with a kind of hidden power. True knowledge is not obtained by knowledge analysis, it is by constantly practicing in the world to obtain the insights and wisdom in the changing life process to experience its existence and mystery.

Why is it necessary to understand the Spirit? Human beings are created and endowed with the gift of knowing God and returning to their true nature. Only humans are endowed with this ability (understanding, analysis, memory) in existence, and if one lives through a lifetime and fails to recognize the direction of the Spirit, the whereabouts of the afterlife for the soul to find refuge will be unknown. Our life is created by the Will of God, and if we fail to have a correct understanding of the Spirit, it is easy for us to have a wrong understanding and to live in fear. A correct understanding of the Spirit is like the life being illuminated by light, and the wrong knowledge makes it easy to fall into dark frustration and sinking.

I sincerely hope that I can continue to know and experience the method to share with my friends and family, and after a few years of exploration they will be able to see their lives change. I hope that by achieving a better understanding of religion and the spirituality they may live with more vitality, this is my heartfelt wish.

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