An Appointment With God – Our Dual Nature

When we are troubled, we usually have two voices inside, one is positive, the other is negative. The positive idea is from the spiritual self, and negative ideas are from the physical self. In our spiritual side we show the noble qualities, and in the physical nature, desire and passions are shown. These two natures are reflected in our behavior, our feelings and emotions. The Founders of the great World Religions, Who may be called Manifestations of God, have all shown the way to strengthen our spiritual nature and control our material nature.

The holy Manifestations of God come into the world to dispel the darkness of the animal or physical nature of man, to purify him from his imperfections in order that his heavenly and spiritual nature may become quickened, his divine qualities awakened, his perfections visible, his potential powers revealed and all the virtues of the world of humanity latent within him may come to life. These holy Manifestations of God are the educators and trainers of the world of existence, the teachers of the world of humanity. They liberate man from the darkness of the world of nature, deliver him from despair, error, ignorance, imperfections and all evil qualities.

(Abdu’l-Baha, Foundations of World Unity, p. 110)

When spirituality rises, the qualities we show tend toward love, mercy, kindness, integrity, honesty, feeling and emotions that are positive and healthy. When the physical properties rise, we have the tendency to hate, show greed, prejudice, jealousy, anger, feelings and emotions that are negative and unhealthy. Intense emotional feelings can cause us to confuse right and wrong, be caught in trouble and unable to extricate ourselves, but the real reason behind it is our two natures. If we know that feelings and emotions are derived from our nature, and the tendency of nature can be chosen by the exercise of free consciousness. Instead of feeling confused, there is a chance to become clear. In other words, if we can achieve the awareness, we can correctly guide our behavioral response, even in anger, and make the right behavioral choices. This consciousness-oriented reaction is to practice spiritual behavior. When we are more likely to have a spiritual response than an earthly one, the emotional confusion will gradually reduce. This is another kind of recognition of bitterness and how to counteract it as found in Buddhist teaching.

In Buddhism, it is often said: “Do not trust our feelings, they come and go, and are impermanent.” By understanding the feeling that comes from being created with the dual nature, and then accepting its existence we can learn to master it. In doing so, our behavior tends toward our spiritual nature, which is the return to our true eternal nature and promotes the evolution of the soul. The method of achieving this is sometimes simply referred to as “practice”, or sometimes referred to as “inner life practice”. This kind of discipline is a real experience in life and practice, “Buddhism in the world, from the world feel death, seek Bodhi, just as the rabbit cornered”.

The next time you start worrying, you can observe the mental and physical transformation of the mind. You will find it really interesting, like a child playing with a light switch, turning on and off the process in our heart.

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