Travel from valley to valley

A trip from the midwest to the west

On our trip from the midwest to the west
We drove across the land.
We went from one type of terrain to another type of terrain.
I saw valleys in each type of landscape
Along with the elevation and the locality changes,
The condition of climate formed life differently.
Life manifests itself in unique ways
To adapt to the environment it’s in.
From valley to valley
I saw the beauty of life in its own different way.

While I traveled across the land
I was aware of the feelings of my heart changing.
I submerged myself into the feelings of the spiritual journey.
The experience of the outside
Carried me into a different part of the dominion of my heart.
When the feeling changed
I felt like I was in a different terrain of the world inside.
From moment to moment
I expressed my being in a different way according to the conditions
I discovered inside my heart
There were mountains, meadows, and deserts…
In different terrains, there are Valleys,
And in different valleys
I sing
I dance to celebrate life in its unique way
I see the true nature flow with the changing of the terrain

From the wonderment of the world outside,
no matter what experience I choose to explore
Or just be part of the world I live in
I found while I experienced something outside,
If I let the feeling carry me into the world inside,
From the feelings in my heart
I will discover the mystery which only spirit can reach.

Traveling from valley to valley
I discovered the wonderment of the world inside me,
And I realized while at the same moment,
I traveled from valley to valley in the land of the heart.

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