Spirit Conscious 靈性悟性

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There are two types of consciousness in a man, conscious of senses and conscious of spirit. Conscious of senses is the awareness of the physical world through the senses. Conscious of spirit is the awareness of the internal conditions, such as intelligence (the ideas we have), volition (the choices we make from our free will), and the acts we perform which show our spiritual qualities.

人的悟性(conscious)有兩種: 感官的悟性與靈性悟性。感官悟性是一種對外在世界的感官覺知。靈性悟性是對內在智力的運用、意志力的導向、神聖品質開發程度等……內在狀態的覺知。

Divine intellectual power is from our “Dharma body”, it is endowed with divine wisdom and knowledge. It is the bounty from God. This is the type of procession and appearance through emanation. Divine attributes and virtues are the “blissfulness body”, it reflects the image of God (the heavenly virtues) according to the degree of its perfection. This is the type of procession and appearance through manifestation. When we live in the moment, based on the condition of our intellectual power and spiritual quality, we choose something to do and perform a role that suits us. This role and action is our “exemplification body”. It is changed from time to time according to the needs of the situation and the capacity of the individual.
神聖智力是我們的「法身」,它含藏萬法(應對的知識及智慧),與佛法相應,它是上帝的恩賜,自我的烏雲會障蔽此光輝。神聖(靈性)品質是「報身」,它是上帝「影像」(神聖美德) 的彰顯,依個人心靈淨化的程度,它有圓滿展現的差異。活在當下時,我們依自己的智力與靈性品質狀態,選擇做自己能力可及之事,扮演自己最佳的角色,這就是「化身」的展現;「化身」是千變萬化,它依當下的環境轉變而變化。

When we are aware of the condition of intellectual power (Dahma body), spiritual quality (blissful body), and the role we play (exemplification body) at the very moment we live in, this means we are awakened. To be completely enlightened, we need to learn to be the master of our own self.

divine plan

“The life of man is intended to be a life of spiritual enjoyment to which the animal can never attain. This enjoyment depends upon the acquisition of heavenly virtues. The sublimity of man is his attainment of the knowledge of God. The bliss of man is the acquiring of heavenly bestowals, which descend upon him in the outflow of the bounty of God. The happiness of man is in the fragrance of the love of God. This is the highest pinnacle of attainment in the human world. How glorious the station of man who has partaken of the heavenly food and built the temple of his everlasting residence in the world of heaven!” 


“For the world is dark with discord and selfishness, hearts are negligent, souls are bereft of God and His heavenly bestowals. Man is submerged in the affairs of this world. His aims, objects and attainments are mortal, whereas God desires for him immortal accomplishments. In his heart there is no thought of God. He has sacrificed his portion and birthright of divine spirituality. Desire and passion, like two unmanageable horses, have wrested the reins of control from him and are galloping madly in the wilderness. This is the cause of the degradation of the world of humanity.”


“It is my wish that they may be assisted to become servants of the heavenly Kingdom, captives in the service of the will of God. This captivity is freedom; this sacrifice is glorification; this labor is reward; this need is bestowal. For service in love for mankind is unity with God. He who serves has already entered the Kingdom and is seated at the right hand of his Lord.” (ʻAbdu’l-Bahá)

「我希望,他們在成為神聖天國之僕和取悅上帝之奴的過程中能得到幫助。這奴役是自由的,這犧牲是崇高的,這勞作是值得犒賞的,這需要是恩賜的。胸懷博愛為人類服務就意味著與上帝聯結。凡是力行服務之道的人已然登臨天國,端坐於他的主的右側。」 (阿博都巴哈)

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