The New World has arrived

When the media continues to report on all of the new changes and discoveries, many people think that these will surely lead to our future world, how can we be so certain?. Did God only create mankind to be a material civilization? If God’s creation has another civilization, a divine civilization, then what does it mean? Here let’s talk about what Bahai youth are doing to build communities that will create a more divine new world. 

What is the level of growth that has be achieved by a community building process led by youth? From the Reflections on Growth, a series of stories documenting efforts around the world, it helped me to see that the community building process is moving by the power of a new generation, rising stars. They are like young workers, raised in the vineyard of the Kingdom, already prepared to serve, the vineyard being the land of the heart in the Kingdom of God. They don’t have the same mindset as the rest of the world when it comes to work. They learn to work, and work happily. They have an open mind to receive the divine Guidance while they work. They learn to read reality and also to how to gain the Divine Confirmation. They can receive the Voice from their Lord and they know the difference between inspiration from that Lord or the world. Since they’ve entered they vineyard, they learn how to identify two forces around them. They learn how to be unaffected by the destructive forces, and concentrate the constructing forces together. To battle with destructive forces is not their job. Their intention is to use constructive forces to bring what they need to maintain the vineyard and it’s functionality. Because of their focus they create peace in the vineyard, even though sometimes there are destructive invaders, but the workers know how to resolve the issue. Some worker go into the world to recruit more workers. They either talk directly to the young people or the elders. The elders can be more supportive and help spread the vision, and they might bring new recruits as well. 

Who says the old world cannot have the new world exist at the same time. If we believe the new world is already in the old world, we will use the new mindset to seek this new world. We will also have new eyes to see what is already happening. Bahai community is like the vineyard of the Kingdom. Every worker learns what is happening there. Whenever people uses the worldly mindset to live their life, they try to protect what benefits themself. In those conditions the human soul lives in the old world. Whatever they see belongs to the old world. The lives of the people of the old world center around gains, loses, and profits. When a person starts to use a mindset from the world of God to live their life, what they protect is no longer directly their own benefit. They consider what protects the Kingdom. Their efforts are on unity. In this condition they only see what is involved with the process of building the Kingdom on the earth, and the work they do contributes to that process. The new world and the old world function parallel to each other and function in our daily life. This integrating job is for the new world. In this divine civilization we need to use our inner vision. Whoever is in the Bahai community building process is in the divine civilization process. We can only see and learn about the divine civilization through the community building process. 

People begin their training when they begin to study the series of Ruhi courses. In this training they take on specific jobs like carrying out the core activities. The more they learn, the greater their capacity. Gradually they become closer to a true, “certified” worker. 

From how this new generation carries out their work, I see that the new age has arrived. They make the material and divine civilization operate and progress as the same time. They create a new life style for all to see.

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