To become an accepted soul in the Kingdom of God

On my journey seeking God, I feel I have been guided without being aware of it in many places. Later I reflected on all my memories, like putting together all the “puzzle pieces” of my understanding, I could see more clearly the “picture” in front of me. Gradually, I realized that everything I learned points in one direction, which is to know the Love of God. I came to realize that this is the Day of the Glory of God, and the Lord chose to hide His Glory from man’s eyes, because if the light of Glory shines on us in full force our souls might vanish. What is the mystery of the light, why have so many Christians felt the Lord has returned and He knocked on the door so many times, but they have not opened the door? Below is my understanding.

The door of the Kingdom has been opened and mankind feels it but is afraid to open the door, because the door appears with the Nature of God’s justice. When the judgement of God appears, how many souls have the courage to open the door and how many could walk through it without fear? The light of God’s Glory is shining from behind the door. The brightness causes all hearts to tremble. Whoever is not afraid to face their own ego, whoever can’t wait for His Lord to reveal to them what they can’t see,  whoever is not afraid to face the judgment of God as mentioned in the Holy Books, will accept the tests and difficulty and let his Lord reveal those deeds to them. Through facing the judgment of the Word revealed for today, they learn more about their own deeds under God’s Grace. They also accept the remedy for their ills through the understanding of the Word of God, the spiritual reality. They adjust their mindset and align their heart to the same direction from which God reveals the Word. Whoever stepped forward to face the judgement of God, their hearts have been purified and their souls have been sanctified by the fountain flowing from Heaven, the water flowing from the Seat of His Lord. 

From this insight, I also realized, the teaching of God is to help mankind learn about the Love of God. In the Baha’i Writings, the Words of Bahá’u’lláh reveal the Love of God in the Nature of justice. It might cause fear in the beginning, but if we are willing to put down the self, and learn to sacrifice our ego’s desire, we can overcome obstacles and learn about God’s justice. We discover that through justice, there is the Love of God and His Mercy. Justice is the Ancient Glory which has not been revealed to man. It is the Glory that shines from God’s sovereignty. It is the Glory which every created thing will bow down to. And that is the Glory that God shines in this Judgment of the Day. From these, I realized, the purpose of learning about the Love of God, the Destiney is man knowing the right relationship with the creator is to submit himself as a servant. 

So it becomes easier to understand if we would like to be accepted as citizens in the Kingdom of God, man must have a right relationship with His creator. He must know God’s Nature so he won’t be against that Nature, he must know how God does things and His principles. He must know that the foundation of this relationship is built on the love for God. He must know that knowing Him can lead to loving Him. From here, we also can recognize why God put “service to the Cause” as one of the commandments which every servant needs to follow. It is all to build a right relationship with Him. Serving the cause is for the purpose of having the right relationship with our creator. What we can see from serving the cause: 

  • Get on board the Ark of salvation and learn about how God saves a soul through service to humanity
  • Enter the eternal covenant. Like marriage or other human relationships, both sides in the covenant have duties they need to fulfill. Man needs to learn to perform his duty and keep his promise to earn the trust of God. 
  • To be faithful, when we serve we can’t follow what we prefer or the way we function in our life. Everything needs to be based on the Word of God and the principles which the Lord has revealed. This is why we need to understand the Word of God and apply to it. The way we serve and the priority we set in our minds can affect this relationship. This means we need to know what is the different mindset we need to have when we serve the Cause. And this is what the Word of God reveals to us. 
  • The mindset in the human world is self-oriented. The mindset in the Kingdom of God is selfless-oriented. Sacrifice means reorienting our mind to a selfless mindset. We realize we are created for selflessness and to help each other on the path of moving forward the civilization; this is the heart which God is awakening. A spiritually awakened person will put others’ benefit in front of himself. It must produce results as Abdu’l-Bahá said. And he will light the path of God for others. This is the awakening of humanity.

In ancient Chinese teaching, there are five relationships which society teaches. It gave Chinese culture a vision of the tabernacle of unity but was never realized. Today,  Bahá’u’lláh teaches mankind another relationship, God and man. He said, “I desire to be loved alone and above all that is”. This means man must put the relationship with his creator above other relationships. Only when the right relationship between man and his creator is established, the true tabernacle of unity can happen. The new world order is built upon the right relationship with God and selfless mindset in this relationship. When humanity is awakened and man returns to the right relationship with God, the four greatnesses mentioned in LaoTzu’s Tao Te Ching, that God is great, Heaven is great, the Earth is great, and man is great, will be manifested in harmony, and this is the true Unity which Bahá’u’lláh helps men to understand. 

This month we remember the 100th anniversary of Abdu’l-Bahá’s ascension. Let us not just remember his words and deeds, we must learn to reorient our mindset like his. Adjust our will to be as his will. We must look into his heart, that is the heart Abdu’l-Bahá  shows us which the servant of God must seek. When we seek to have that heart, perfection will manifest which is what Abdu’l-Bahá tells us. He shows us a way to live as a being with a body (deeds), a mind (will), and a heart (love) as one. This is what we need to learn through serving the Cause, and this makes us become accepted souls in the Kingdom of God. Abdu’l-Bahá said,

Are you happy? I have come here to make you happy. I have come here to give you the Message of Baha’u’llah; that this Message may become the cause of your happiness.
Like unto a dove I carry a Message with me wherever I go. Baha’u’llah has written a letter, a Message; He has put it on my wings; through His power He has made me to soar and I have brought that Message here.

That letter contains the glad tidings of God; that letter is the call of the Kingdom; that letter is the heavenly signs; that letter brings you the glad-tidings that He, Baha’u’llah has accepted you, elected you from among all His creatures and prepared you for the sake of His Love for the whole human world; so that all may be enlightened with the Light of the Kingdom, sing the verses of Oneness, become the cause of the illumination of the realm of humanity, the source of everlasting happiness, the spreader of the cause of international peace;-so that all may find the Oneness of the world of humanity, promulgate oneness of thought, lay the foundations of unity of religions, establish universal education, announce the idea of racial oneness, proclaim one race from every standpoint, and illuminate the world of man with the Lights of God. This is the Message.

Abdu’l-Baha, Star of the West, Volume 3, pp. 84-85.

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