The presence of God 神的同在

There are times: 有那麼些時候:

We wish for someone to walk with us but the person can’t be found.
We forget God is walking with us.

We wish someone could understand us, but the person can’t be found.
We forgot God knows us.

We wish someone can enjoy something with us and they have the same degree of joy as we have, but the person can’t be found.
We forget God is watching over us and our pleasure is from His pleasure.

We wish someone could share with us when we see (hear, or perceive) something magnificent, but the person can’t be found.
We forget God is seeing (hearing or perceiving) with us, because our perception is from Him

We wish someone could do something with us and explore with us, but the person can’t be found.
We forget God sustains our power to do whatever and He always is with us in everything we do.

When we were in pain, we wish someone could give us comfort or just keep us company, but the person can’t be found.
We forget God is comforting us and is ready to release our pain.
We aren’t aware God is there, because we are caged in the self-prison. We do not realize we can’t receive the help unless we open the door (heart).

When we are in trouble, we wish someone could help us get out of the trouble without criticizing us, but the person can’t be found.
We forget God knows where our trouble started, He does not critize us and He is there ready to help us.


God is the friend that is always there, but do we ever seek and ever want to really know Him? Or do we just come to ask when we need Him? Are we fair to him? Do we cherish His love as the life He gave us?
He is our creator, our life giver, our provider, our life sustainer, our helper, healer…
He is All-merciful, All-forgiving, Compassionate, Joyful…
He is All-mighty and All-powerful.
唯一真神是我們最真誠的朋友,祂一直沒有離開過我們,但我們可曾真追尋過祂?真想認識祂?或我們須要祂時才想到祂?我們可曾也真誠對待祂, 珍惜祂的愛像自己的生命?

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