Our family studied the junior youth book Power of the Holy Spirit on last Sunday. At the very beginning of our study we talked about body and soul. In the beginning of the session I saw our two kids stare at each other. It looked like they had some sort of misunderstanding between them. I said, “you both seem like you have a body but no spirit in it now”. “The life of the spirit is within us or not” these concepts became more and more clear to me since then. When loving care is in a person’s heart, it gives life, at that moment the person is with life. When a man is attached to something, the loving care disappears, and at that moment the man has no life. We can use this principle to see in ourselves (or another person) if the spirit of life is within or not. In a community, if there is loving care among them and supporting each other, then we said this community full of the spirit of life. If two people go against each other in a community, the loving care been affected then we say the spirit of life has been threatened. This is disunity.

When we see men lack the spirit of life, we can nurture the life by cheering them up. The action is to give life. Building a communication bridge among men in a community helps unity and gives the spirit of life to the community. The principle of giving life in God’s teachings is clear, which is giving love. So our job is to nourish life when we see a body that lacks life and to fill the spirit in a dead body. Love is spirit and spirit connects people. So loving people is the action of giving spirit to a body. Our true job is really to fill the spirit in the bodies. The body can be an individual body or a community body. A community is the human body as a whole. It is a oneness body. Our eyes only see the body, but our inner vision sees the emptiness in a body. Our inner vision does see if the spirit of love is exists of not. So we need use both outward vision and inner vision to fill the spiritual gap within bodies.

Look at what we read in today’s paper and electronic media. When we see a kind message we know the loving care is flowing among the community. It means we fill the human network with spirit of life and love. When we see hatred, complaining and blaming each other, the network is spreading a spiritual disease. What message we put out there is the life or death we chose to live. If we want to be life giver or disease spreader really depends on what is in our mind and what words we put out there. So the life and death mentioned in the Writings is this all about this. Our soul fills with life then we give life. We put our influential work out there and give the world positive energy. This means giving the living water and stoping the thirst. A soul without life, a dead body, gives negative thoughts, it spreads fear and drains the life of the spirit and gives the world negative energy. It leads to the death of life.

So you can see how important it is to fill our spirit with the love of God every morning. When we charge our heart with the spirit of love it will help to perform the job and do better at connecting people. We can do our job according to God’s will and breathe the spirit of life among the bodies. This is our job. How can we not be happy when we know our true job. This kind of spiritual life is like living in heaven. This is the spiritual life which God already gave us.  

Praise God and thanks to God! Help me to see the life I am living. How wonderful is that?

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