Our relationship with God

The relationship between us and God is just like the relationship between us and our child(or between us and our parents). If we have a relationship problem with our child, it also reflects that we have a relationship problem with our Heavenly father. If we have relationship problems with our spouses, it also reflects that our commitment (covenant with God) toward God is weak. Before we know our God, we all think problems are from others and everything around us. Unless we are willing to know our God and learn about the root of our problems and the reality, we will never stop blaming others and seeking solutions from the outside world. After I learn a little bit about God and fix my relationship with the Heavenly Father, the relationship between me and my child, and the commitment between me and my husband becomes stronger.

So the relationship problems we have with others just reflects the relationship problems we have with our God. To fix the relationship problem we have with others, God teaches us to fix our spiritual relationship problems with Him first, then the relationship problem in the material world will be fixed by itself.

O my friend, when we wish our child be obedient and follow the protection rules we set for them, let’s think about this, “are we obedient to the Heavenly Father?” When we wish our children to come to us and say sorry for what they have done, let’s think about “ do we turn toward God and repent to Him for the attitude we have toward others?” When we are ready to forgive and are waiting for our child to respond first, “God always forgives us but do we soften our heart first and respond to His calling ?” When we complain about the immaturity of our child and their misunderstanding of us, “is our spirit mature enough to control our temper and do we know the purpose of things which are arranged by God to happen……. Whatever we wish our child to do, think about do we do the same for our Heavenly Father? 

This is what happens in our life, nothing else but God. Put God first, He will bless us and take care of things for us. Then we will understand what it is to rely on God and how He loves us. Our children will understand how to rely on us and how we love them. We are holding the mirror for our child to reflect the love of God. This is reality. Hope we all see and understand the true love and the love of God.

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