Learn about God ~The Covernant with God

The Creator of all things is God, the One, the Incomparable, the Self-Subsisting. He has created the heavens and the earth with its mountains and valleys, its forests, meadows, deserts, rivers and seas. God has caused every living thing to come into being. He has made man and has engraved on him His image.

Baha’u’llah teaches us that the essence of God is incomprehensible to the human mind, for the finite cannot comprehend the infinite. The representations that the followers of various religions make of Him are but fruits of their own imaginations. God is not a man, and He is not a mere force spread throughout the universe. The words we must necessarily use to refer to the Source of our being, such as the Heavenly Father, the Heavely Power, the Great Spirit, each express one of His names and attributes in the human tongue, which is totally inadequate to describe Him.

O Son of Man! I loved thy creation, hence I created thee. Wherefore, do thou love Me, that I may name thy name and fill thy soul with the spirit of life. (Baha’u’llah  Headden words)

God’s love for us is the very reason for our existence. We must be ever conscious of this love which protects us, sustains us, and fills us with the spirit of life. In moments of diffiuclty or ease, of sadness or joy, even we mistakenly choose to ignore Him, His love never stop showering upon us. And He never stops patientely waiting for us to come back to Him.

We have learned that God created us out of His love. God has established with us a Covenant which is to last throughout the ages. The word “covenant” means pact or promise between two or more people. According to the Eternal Covenant, the All-Bountiful creator never abandons us, and from time to time, makes His will and His Purpose known to us through one of His Manifestations. The verb “manifest” means to reveal, to show something that was not known before. The Manifestations of God are those special Beings who reveal to us the Word of God. They are Universal Educators who teach us how to live according to the Will of God and how to achieve true happiness. Among these Manifestations are Krishna, Moses, Zoroaster, Buddha, Christ, Muhammad, and The Bab and Baha’u’llah 

A pact has two parts; it is made between two parties each of whom promises to act in a certain way. In the Eternal Covenant of God, His part has always been fulfilled. But how can we make sure that we fulfill our part in this mighty Covenant? The Covenant calls upon us to reconginize the Manifestation of God and to submit to His will. Since the essence of God is incomprehensible to the human mind, we can only know God through His Menifestations.  All the perfection, the bounty, and the splendor that come from God are visible in the Holy Manifestation, like the sun which is resplendent in a clear polished mirror. To say that these Mirros are the Manifestation of the Sun of Truth does not mean that the Sun has descended from Its hieghts of glory and become incorporated into the Mirror. What is meant is this: All that humanity knows, discovers, and understands of the names and attributes and perfections of God refers to His Holy Manifestation.

The first and foremost duty prescribed unto men, next to the reconition of Him Who is the Eternal truth, is the duty of steadfastness in His Cause. Cleave thou unto it, and be of them whose minds are firmly fixed and grounded in God. (Ibid., CXXXIV, p.290)

Why is it so important to know about God and learn to love Him back? The mystery of the spirit of faith and true happiness won’t be revealed unless we know about Him and feel His Love and want to love Him back. In other words, when we know how much God loves us and are willing to love Him back with all our strength the secret of the spirit of faith will be revealed to us. Even if we explore just a little bit of the mystery, the joy and happiness itself would make us want to discover more. Recognizing ourselves as having been created in such bountiful way, who would not want to accept His offer and be obedient under His law (that is, submitting ourselves to God). Before we know our God, it’s like we are living in a dark room full of treasures, but we can not see them. In order to see the bountiful hidden treasure we need to kindle the spirit light inside us. It needs some effort to light the lamp and it also needs effort to keep the light on.  Knowing God is like the effort to kindle the light and Loving God is the effort to keep the light up.

Wherefore, do thou love Me, that I may name thy name and fill thy soul with the spirit of life (~ Baha’u’llah Hidden words 4).

The more we learn about His love, mighty, powerful, and exalted…, the more we will submit ourselves to His omniscience and wisdom, and are willing to keep the Covernant with God and replace our will with His will, and be willing to walk on the path He has planned for us. When we are able to take hold of the Covenant,  our relationship with God will start to grow. We will make peace under His protection. The feeling of protection from God’s love is the home of our soul.

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