God’s love

There is much we can learn about God, from the wonders of God’s Creation, to learning about the rules of nature from our ancestors, from the Holy Scriptures, or from the relationships in our life which help us understand Him as our Heavenly Father. The relationships can be father and son, husband and wife, or master and servant. The videos we shared yesterday show some of the wonders of God. Think about this, the world we live in now might have many challenges, but see how much human discovery can let us have a better understainding of the God’s creation. This is His gift and His love.

Throughout religious history, God reveals His attributes and brings spiritual teachings to mankind. Moses brought the commandments from God, Buddha brought us understanding of ourselves in relation to the Infinite. Jesus teaches us to love one another as we love ourselves and brought redemption through His sacrifice. Muhammad brought faith in the God of Abraham  and Moses to the Arab people and much of the world. Baha’u’llah shows that all true faiths are from the same God and mankind must unite in love as one family. God guides His children every step just like a father guides his children. As we are trained and nurtured in the Holy Spirit our own spirit develops gradually through God’s grace, growing from infant to teen and to adult. According Baha’i teachings, humanity as a whole is now entering the teen stage~full of energy and rebelliousness, with nearly the strength of an adult, but without the wisdom. This is a perilous time in human history, but we have the assurance of all the Holy Scriptures that God will establish His Kingdom on Earth, which Hindus call the Golden Age, and Buddhists call the Pure Land. We can see that our Creator never leaves us alone and guides us in every step. This is another way to see God’s love.

Do you ever wonder why there are so many challenge in our life? Some are caused by our wrong choices and actions. We can not blame others and just have to learn our lessons. How about those things not in our control which make our life so hard?Let’s  think as parents, what would you like your children to experience at different stages to help them learn? As they become older and more mature, we would like them to be responsible and be able to care about others and serve others. These is what happens in our life. God sometimes lets difficult things happen to us in order to let us learn from the challenge. He give us challenges and tests but never exeeds our ablility to handle it. He knows when it’s time to get to the next level and He knows our ability. If you have a grown child or think about ourselves as we grow up, you see that challenges help us become more mature and increase our capacity. We appreciate our parents for their efforts to prepare us to do what we can do now, so we need to think about how God gives us all the things we need to grow spiritually and continue doing it even we don’t fully recognize and appreciate Him. How great is His love! Maybe you haven’t thought this way, but I hope this helps you recognize Him and want to learn about Him. We will talk more about this tomorrow.

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  1. The videos remind me of the book, Evolution By Chance or Design. The auther, Frank Dixon Burk, explores the purpose and design found in nature as proof of a Creator. In the book he discusses elements from the micro world, plants, insects, water, land and air creatures, and humankind. In the book introduction Burk states:

    “As Socrates noted so long ago, the clear functionality evident in natural processes and structures must be the result of forethought, not chance. The alternative, that such structures and combinations are the product of chance alone, is mathematically improbable.”

    ISBN 0-87961-237-1

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