Tao Te Ching / 道德經

黃耿亮 & John Craig edit

Valley of Unity 和諧之谷

English Chapters & download

中文章節 與下載

Tao Te Ching is like a stream of God’s teachings flowing through Chinese culture to me. After many months of work, my husband and I finished the first edit and made videos. We want to share it with you. We hope this can help bring today God’s teaching, Baha’u’llah’s teaching, to more Chinese. Also help those who already study Tao Te Ching to know God.
道德經對我來說像是上帝教導在中國的細水。經過數個月的努力,我跟我先生John Craig 把它翻譯為英文,希望已經讀道德經的人,能藉此認識上帝。我們試著以靈性的精神來呈現其內容,希望這可以藉著我們已經有的文化背景,重新喚起中國人對天帝的敬畏。

This Book divided into two parts.
#TAO (The Way) ── Divine Principles and the Attributes of God
#TE (Virtues) ── The Virtues we cultivate to reflect the Image of God
When we approach our study in this way, I find we can learn more about God.

Most of the chapters come with quotes from the Holy Writings. We hope this can provide the connection to God’s teachings. We really see in this dispensation, that every river of religion is merged into the Great Ocean, including Taoism.

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