Be Grateful and live in Grace

To understand God’s love is the center of our faith. By understanding Gods’s love we can understand that everything happens in our life for good reasons. God doesn’t like sin but He loves sinners. If a child (or for that matter, an adult) is troubled and misbehaves frequently, he may […]

Receiving Grace

What is grace? It is a gift from God,  freely given, without us really deserving it. Most who receive it usually don’t know how precious of a gift it is. We all receive this unmerited favor and love of God. The grace and bounty of God are taught by every Prophet, it is a […]

The Most Gracious One

Let’s look at two stories to have a better understanding how gracious is our God. The parable of the lost son (Luke 15) , the father in the story can be seen as our God. As we see in the story, the younger son asks for his inheritance from his father and not […]

Amazing Grace

I started to read the Bible and want to know more about it since I learned the meaning behind the stories from Pastor Jiāng. I would like to share a concept with you so we can remind each other to understand the Bible in spiritual way. A lot of times […]

Life in the wilderness

We know that difficulty is part of the plan from God. If you would think back on what happened and what you have gained from it, and the corresponding conditions to make that happen, you will be amazed at the wisdom of God and understand God’s plan in a profound way. […]

God’s plan for us

Yesterday we talked about God allowing things to happen for a purpose. Let’s think about what is described in the Bible book of Exodus. What was God trying to do to Israel during 40 years in the wilderness? If we can understand this a little bit more, it will help us to […]