True Heart 真心

When thou dost strip the veils of illusion from the face of thine heart, the lights of Oneness will be made manifest. (Bahá’u’lláh, The Seven Valleys, Valley of Unity) 當你除下心中受幻境纏裹的簾布,和諧統一之光輝將會被啟示。(巴哈歐拉,七谷經之和諧之谷) With a true heart, we appreciate With a true heart, we regret and repent With a true heart, we see […]

How can we learn to live in the Divine? 我們如何活在神聖界域?

  How can we tell which spiritual realm, contingent or spirit, we are in? Here we share an example of observing ourselves through meditation, focusing on the four elements of earth, water, fire, and air, which were mentioned by ancient philosophers. 我們如何知道自己屬靈操練是住在依附的世界還是靈性世界?這裡我們藉由默思中觀照地、水、火、風四元素作為例子來說明。 In one aspect, when we feel the weight […]

Diversity and Inclusiveness 多元化與包容

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) has a very unique International Hospitality Program, which celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. They care about their international students. Volunteer host families befriend the students and share time with them, so the family and the students learn about each other‘s culture and customs. Each […]

真理是一 Truth is One

Truth is one. Truth is like an ocean without shores. 真理是一、真理浩瀚無邊。 Whenever we talk about or hear about the truth, it is only one aspect of it, not the whole thing. 我們每次談論的、聽見的真理,都只是真理的一個層面,並非全部。 Truth has many levels of meaning, by learning the many levels of meaning, we raise our understanding of […]