Observing Our True Nature

Our true nature is our soul or spirit.
It responds to everything around us and connects us with the Creator.

For instance, most of the time when we listen to the sound of the ocean, we listen only outwardly.
So we say, ”I hear so and so……”
To observe our true nature, we need to listen inwardly instead.
When we hear the sound, we ask ourselves, ”what is the voice 
I hear from inside which reacts to the sound from the outside.”
We try to listen to that inner voice.

When we play an instrument. (or express ourselves through other arts)
We can try to feel what is in our heart and listen to what type of melody is
flowing out from that feeling.
We observe the melody that flows out, and by it, we observe what flows from our nature to respond to that feeling.

When we enjoy the breeze, we can observe the moment when our heart has been touched.
And be aware of what is in our mind 
at that moment.
We can be aware of our body sensations, the feelings in our heart, and the
thoughts in our mind at the same time.
And see if our body, mind, and soul are in the same rhythm.

While we have a conversation with someone, we can try to listen to what is in their heart.
At the same time, we observe what is in our heart.
This is the way we can observe the expression of our nature.
We hear our own inner voice and that of others.
This communication between heart and heart is the language from our true nature.

── Observe Our True Nature ──
We observe inwardly while we are in motion.
We are aware of how we respond to it and we recognize the conditions in various situations. 
Instead of only observing what happens outside, our mind becomes aware of what happens inside.
This is called ”Returning to Our Nature.”

Our true nature is our everlasting ”Body”.
It is our being.
It creates effects when it responds to conditions.
And that is the phenomena we see in the world.
Our physical body is an instrument to express our nature in this contingent world.

In thine outward appearance thou tellest of the appearance of power in the realms of divine creation; in thine inward being thou revealest the hidden mysteries which are the divine trust deposited within thee. 

──  Bahá’u’lláh ──  

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