Discovery of the mystery of Revelation is like the discovery of the wonderment of the universe 探索天啟的奧祕有如探索宇宙的奧祕

When a truth seeker understands one of the Tablet, it lights up his heart and “mirrors” out that part of the mystery in his heart. The more of the Revelation he understands, the more parts of the mystery of revelation will be reflected. He must strive day by day, until one day, the City of God will be manifest to him. He will testify the splendors of Him, Who is the King of Names, and “see” the glory of the City, the New Jerusalem.

The universe is changing constantly, the Kingdom of God in the invisible realm is in motion all the time too. Every period of time God sent His Messenger to mankind to renew His Revelation.

That City is none other than the Word of God revealed in every age and dispensation. In the days of Moses it was the Pentateuch; in the days of Jesus, the Gospel; in the days of Muhammad, the Messenger of God, the Qur’án; in this day, the Bayán; and in the Dispensation of Him Whom God will make manifest, His own Book—the Book unto which all the Books of former Dispensations must needs be referred, the Book that standeth amongst them all transcendent and supreme. –Bahá‘u’lláh
這座城,不是別的,正是上帝在每個時代,每個啟示期所啟示的聖言。在摩西時代是《摩西五經》;在耶穌時代是《福音書》;在上帝的信使穆罕默德的時代是《可蘭經》;在當今的時代是《巴揚經》;在上帝將使之顯現的祂的啟示期,便是祂自己的經書—過去歷次啟示期的所有經典,必須以此經書作為依據,在所有經典中,它至高至聖。 –巴哈歐拉

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