Consciousness for a new world 新世界的意識形態

Do you know that our human nature manifests through our consciousness?

When consciousness is expressed through thought and put into action, it becomes how we live our life.

Collective consciousness forms our community life.

A government body is formed to provide services for all. Services would include…

Material aspects such as Agriculture, Education, Transportation, Public Health, Industry and Commerce, Natural Resources, Welfare Services, Digital system…

Spiritual aspects are related to people’s sense of security: A just social order, Racial equality, Human rights, Moral ethics, Cultures, Social Services, …..
精神層面是攸關人民的安全感: 公義的社會秩序、種族平等、人權、道德、文化、社會服務……

Each department represents a type of consciousness for a particular function.

The consciousness must include both material and spiritual aspects.

In our body, the brain functions like a government center to coordinate limbs and organs.

A governmental body should function as a coordinator among its departments and services.

If we wish for a perfect government, the question is …
Do we have the right consciousness in each department?

What is the right consciousness for a new world?

Baháʼu’lláh, the Divine teacher for this day, gave us principles to address the world issues of the age.

These divine principles help mankind to develop a universal consciousness.

The human body follows natural law, which is God’s will, to function.

The human world is created by the human mind. It needs to follow universal consciousness in order to achieve universal order.

When human consciousness lines up with universal consciousness, its material and spiritual prosperity will be manifest.

That is true happiness for all.
And that is the bounty from God.
那是人類能獲得的最大快樂! 那快樂是上帝的恩賜!

God’s teachings can help mankind to develop the right consciousness to work toward world peace and unity.

A country that follows God’s teachings can provide services to benefit all people.

God’s teachings are truly for the well-being of mankind, materially and spiritually.

The Word of God hath never been withheld from the world of being. It is God’s all-pervasive grace, from which all grace doth emanate. It is an entity far removed above all that hath been and shall be. ~ Baháʼu’lláh ~
上帝聖言支配存在界,永無終止,他是浸潤萬物的上帝恩澤,是萬恩之源。~ 巴哈歐拉 ~


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