Moving Forward 改變的信念

moving forward

This image to me shows this spiritual meaning:

The desire of God for us is that we stop the traditional way of using our inner power, stop using our polluting ways (negative thoughts) putting smoke in the air of the “spiritual” sky.
If we can pause and think, the mind can be clear and see the goodness in our spirit. By then, we have clear vision to know what is clean energy for our life. That is the power in our true nature and it is clean energy and it is a perpetual life energy source 。
祂希望我們不要用傳統使用能量(energy)取得方式,那是污染虛空(心的世界) 的;我們的負面意念與言詞使心的世界變得烏煙瘴氣,讓我們看不見靈性世界的美麗。

What is clean spiritual power? 什麼是靈性優質能源?
The power of divine assistance 神聖輔助的力量
The power of the Word of God 上帝話語(聖言)的力量
The power of the Covenant 聖約的力量
The power of unity 統一(團結)的力量
The power of love 愛的力量

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