You are a leviathan 你是有潛藏大能的創造物

You are a whale 你是鯨魚

Why do you limit yourself live in the Gulf of Mexico 為什麼你把自己限制在墨西哥灣

You can swim into the Atlantic Ocean 你可以遨遊在大西洋

Swim into the Pacific Ocean 也可以遨遊在太平洋

The Ocean is one and it is connected 海洋是一個相互連結的海水

The names are what our brain makes up and the boundaries we create 名稱只不過是我們頭腦想出來的水域名號與自畫的界線

The characteristics might be different because of the geography 每個水域因地質關係而特性也許不同

And because the geography is different it hides different treasures 也因為地質差異而隱藏不同寶藏 (不是每個海洋都有相同的寶藏)

Swimming from region to region 游到不同的水域吧

You will discover the treasures 這樣或許你會發現更多的寶藏

And you will know if there are differences 只有你游過了才知道每個水域是否不同

The names of religions are like names of different parts of the Ocean 不同的宗教名稱就像一體海洋中不同水域的名號

Why do we limit ourselves to discovering the hidden treasures of one faith and religion 為什麼我們要畫地自限,限制自己去發現隱藏在這一體信仰裡的寶藏呢?

Some fish are created to only live in one region 有些生物被創造時就被限制生活在某種水域環境

We are whales created to swim in the great spiritual ocean 我們是鯨魚,被賦予能力遨遊在靈性一體的大洋中

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