What questions can lead us into spiritual awakening? 從覺醒到證悟,有那些靈性實相我們要去探索?

Are we aware of the existence of the Creator? 我們意識到創造者是存在世界的源頭嗎?
Do we know how we were created? 我們知道自己如何被創造嗎?
What is the purpose for which we were created? 我們被創造的目的是什麼?
What is the relationship we have with our Creator? 我們與創造者的關係是什麼?
How does the Creator rule the world of creation, visible and invisible? What are the laws? 有形與無形世界的創造者,祂如何統御創造界?法則是什麼?
Do we know what God has bestowed on us? 上帝賜予了人類什麼?為什麼人類被列為四大之一?

Are we aware of our own inner being? 我們意識到我們內在世界的存在嗎?
Do we know that our outer being is the reflection of the condition of our own inner being? 我們知道外在世界(物質世界,外在感官世界)只不過是內在世界(內在感知世界)的映射嗎?
Do we know that our inner being and outer being are both sustained by God? 我們知道內在與外在生命的維繫都來自上帝嗎?
Why does God tell us that compared with the invisible world (the realm of subtle entities), the visible world (physical, contingent realm) is illusion? 為什麼上帝的教導告訴我們——相對於無形世界(靈性妙體界域),有形世界(感官物質界域)是幻化的?

What is free will? What is God’s Will? 什麼是自由意志?什麼是上帝意志?
Do we know that cause and effect are the result of free will? 我們知道因果是自由意志下的結果嗎?
Do we know that living in God’s will is beyond cause and effect? 我們知道活在上帝的意志中是超越因果的嗎?
How can we live in God’s will? 我們如何活在上帝意志裡?
What is the difference between living in the will of God and our own will? 活在自由意志與上帝意志中的生活有何差別?

Do we know that we can communicate with our own higher self and commune with God? 我們知道可以與自己的高層自我(靈)對話嗎?我們可以與神靈感應道交嗎?
What is the human soul? 什麼是人性靈?
What is the power God bestows on us in the human soul? 上帝賦予人性靈什麼樣的大能?
How does the human soul progress? 人性靈如何進步?
How does the human soul, body and mind associate? 人的靈魂與身、心的關聯性是什麼?
How can we observe the invisible human soul with our spiritual perception? 我們如何用靈性感知力去觀察與認識那看不見的人性靈?
What is the true heart? How do I recognize it? 什麼是真心?如何尋得?
What is the difference between heart and mind? 真心與意識心有何差別?
How do we know if an idea is from my heart or from my mind? 我們如何知道意念是來自真心或意識心?

Do we know that we have a next life, in the spiritual realm? 我們對來生的認識是什麼?
How do we seek for what God has bestowed for our well-being in this life and the life to come? 如何追求今生與來生的幸福?
Do we know God is the judge, and He will judge everything we do in this life? 我們知道上帝是主宰萬物的一切嗎?祂是我們一切作為的審判官嗎?
Do we know that what is in our heart is what God cares most about and that is what God judges? Do we know He is all knowing?

If these are subjects that interest you and you want to search for the truth, Baha’u’llah’s Writings have revealed it all. We can seek the answers through reading the Tablets from Baha’u’llah and seek for God’s guidance through prayer and meditation. God will answer us when we are humble and are sincerely seeking.

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