The Great Wall vs The Wall of Jericho City 萬里長城與耶利哥城牆

The wall

The Great Wall in China was built for defensive purposes. The structure was built new and repaired over many dynasties. In order to get over the fear of invaders, many lives were sacrificed and many families were separated under the emperor’s command. The soldiers stood ready for battle during the day and built the wall at night. Thousands of bodies were the pillars… under the Great Wall, it is actually the “world’s largest cemetery”.

Our life is just like that, in the “land” of our heart, we build walls and walls ourselves off from each other, for the purpose of securing ourselves from the sense of fear. When the sense of fear arises, the walls continue to be built. The great walls were built on the ridges of mountains, the walls between us are built on the ridges of personal belief systems. For thousands of years, the stories were repeated over and over, our heart beats with sorrows. Do we ever wonder what is the wisdom behind it? When will we awaken from these illusions?

The remnants of the walls remain, even after they fall, like a scar (trauma) is still there. In the book of Joshua in the Bible, God taught us to rely on Him. He is almighty and He is the healer. To work with Him and be obedient to Him, we can overcome fear and the sorrows deep down in our heart can be healed. This is the promise of salvation. It also is the most beautiful relationship I ever experienced.

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. (Joshua 1:9)
我豈沒有吩咐你麼.你當剛強壯膽.不要懼怕、也不要驚惶、因為你無論往那裡去、耶和華你的 神必與你同在。(約書亞記1:9)

We wish this video can be a reminder for us to stop building more walls in the land of our heart. Moreover, we hope the history becomes the light of wisdom which taught us how important it is, to build relationships more than the walls. Building relationships needs the same effort as building a wall, but the result is completely different, which can lead to a changing world. This is the spiritual meaning of the battle of Jericho city. And this is God’s teaching.
但願這支影片提醒了我們停止築構心中的城牆,更願歷史教訓能成為引領我們走向光明的智慧之光,幫助我們看見建構與人的良好關係比築構心中防禦之牆更重要。關係的建構與建構防禦牆是相同的費力,但結果卻炯然不同,它可以帶來世界的轉變。這是耶利哥城之戰的靈性意義, 這是神的教導。



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