I am the way, the truth, and the life 我就是道路、真理、生命


The Most Holy Tablet 至聖書簡

By Bahá’u’lláh 巴哈歐拉

This is the Most Holy Tablet sent down from the holy kingdom unto the one who hath set his face towards the Object of the adoration of the world, He Who hath come from the heaven of eternity, invested with transcendent glory 此乃《至聖書簡》,從神聖天國降賜給塵世面向聖尊之人、崇拜聖尊之人。這聖尊來自永恆天國,賦有超絕榮耀。


THIS is an Epistle from Our presence unto him whom the veils of names have failed to keep back from God, the Creator of earth and heaven, that his eyes may be cheered in the days of his Lord, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.  這書簡來自我的尊前,啟示給那層層名號之紗都未使其脫離上帝——那天地之造物主——的人。這樣,在他的主——那救苦救難者、自立自存者的日子裡,他的眼睛會為之愉悅。

Say, O followers of the Son! Have ye shut out yourselves from Me by reason of My Name? Wherefore ponder ye not in your hearts? Day and night ye have been calling upon your Lord, the Omnipotent, but when He came from the heaven of eternity in His great glory, ye turned aside from Him and remained sunk in heedlessness. 曰:聖子的追隨者啊!難道你們因我的聖名而遠避我?你們心里為何不仔細思量?你們曾日夜呼喚你們的主——那全能者,但當祂帶著無比榮耀從永恆天國降臨時,你們卻轉身離去,身陷疏失。

Consider those who rejected the Spirit when He came unto them with manifest dominion. How numerous the Pharisees who had secluded themselves in synagogues in His name, lamenting over their separation from Him, and yet when the portals of reunion were flung open and the divine Luminary shone resplendent from the Dayspring of Beauty, they disbelieved in God, the Exalted, the Mighty. They failed to attain His presence, notwithstanding that His advent had been promised them in the Book of Isaiah as well as in the Books of the Prophets and the Messengers. No one from among them turned his face towards the Dayspring of divine bounty except such as were destitute of any power amongst men. And yet, today, every man endowed with power and invested with sovereignty prideth himself on His Name. Moreover, call thou to mind the one who sentenced Jesus to death. He was the most learned of his age in his own country, whilst he who was only a fisherman believed in Him. Take good heed and be of them that observe the warning. 想想那些拒絕聖靈的人吧,當聖靈帶著昭然統權來到他們中間,他們卻拒絕接納。多少法利賽人以祂的名義隱居於猶太會堂,因為與祂分離而悲傷。但當重聚之門豁然開啟,神聖光源自圣美啟端發出燦爛光輝,他們卻不相信上帝——那崇高者、大能者。儘管在《以賽亞書》,以及諸先知和聖使的著述中已經向他們應許了祂的降臨,他們卻未能抵達祂的尊前。除了人間的無權無勢者,他們中沒有人面向這神聖恩惠的啟端。但是今天,每一位被賦予力量和威權的人都以祂的聖名而自豪。此外,你們還要回想一下那位將耶穌判以死刑的人,此人在自己的國家是同時代人中的最博學者,然而相信耶穌的人卻只是一名漁夫。千萬留心,要做那牢記此警示之人。

Consider likewise, how numerous at this time are the monks who have secluded themselves in their churches, calling upon the Spirit, but when He appeared through the power of Truth, they failed to draw nigh unto Him and are numbered with those that have gone far astray. Happy are they that have abandoned them and set their faces towards Him Who is the Desire of all that are in the heavens and all that are on the earth. 同樣仔細想想,今日有多少修士隱居於自己的道院,呼求聖靈,但當祂憑藉真理之威權出現時,他們卻未能接近祂,反而加入到了深陷迷途者的行列。那些拋棄他們轉而面向祂——那天上眾聖和地下萬民所期盼者——之人,必蒙福佑。

They read the Evangel and yet refuse to acknowledge the All-Glorious Lord, notwithstanding that He hath come through the potency of His exalted, His mighty and gracious dominion. We, verily, have come for your sakes, and have borne the misfortunes of the world for your salvation. Flee ye the One Who hath sacrificed His life that ye may be quickened? Fear God, O followers of the Spirit, and walk not in the footsteps of every divine that hath gone far astray. Do ye imagine that He seeketh His own interests, when He hath, at all times, been threatened by the swords of the enemies; or that He seeketh the vanities of the world, after He hath been imprisoned in the most desolate of cities? Be fair in your judgment and follow not the footsteps of the unjust. 他們讀福音書,卻拒絕承認那無量榮耀之主,雖然祂藉由崇高、大能和高尚統權之力降臨。確然,我為你們而來,並為你們的救贖而忍受世間的不幸。難道你們要逃離那為你們的複活而犧牲自己生命的唯一者?聖靈的追隨者啊,要敬畏上帝,不要步每位深陷迷途的神職人員的後塵。難道你們以為祂時時被敵人刀劍相逼,是在追求個人私利?或者認定祂在無比荒涼的城中身陷囹圄,是為了追求塵世的浮華?你們要公正判斷,不要追隨不義之人的足跡。

Open the doors of your hearts. He Who is the Spirit verily standeth before them. Wherefore keep ye afar from Him Who hath purposed to draw you nigh unto a Resplendent Spot? Say: We, in truth, have opened unto you the gates of the Kingdom. Will ye bar the doors of your houses in My face? This indeed is naught but a grievous error. He, verily, hath again come down from heaven, even as He came down from it the first time. Beware lest ye dispute that which He proclaimeth, even as the people before you disputed His utterances. Thus instructeth you the True One, could ye but perceive it.  敞開你們的心扉吧。確然,聖靈就站在心扉之前。祂旨在引領你們接近那輝煌聖地,你們卻為何與祂遠離?曰:我確然對你們敞開了天國大門。你們會將我阻擋在你們的家門外嗎?這實在是大錯特錯。祂確然從天國复臨,就如祂第一次從天國降臨一樣。你們要當心!切莫像你們的前人懷疑祂的宣示那樣,抗拒祂所宣揚的教諭。唯一者如此教導你們,唯願你們領悟。

The river Jordan is joined to the Most Great Ocean, and the Son, in the holy vale, crieth out: “Here am I, here am I O Lord, my God!”, whilst Sinai circleth round the House, and the Burning Bush calleth aloud: “He Who is the Desired One is come in His transcendent majesty.” Say, Lo! The Father is come, and that which ye were promised in the Kingdom is fulfilled! This is the Word which the Son concealed, when to those around Him He said: “Ye cannot bear it now.” And when the appointed time was fulfilled and the Hour had struck, the Word shone forth above the horizon of the Will of God. Beware, O followers of the Son, that ye cast it not behind your backs. Take ye fast hold of it. Better is this for you than all that ye possess. Verily He is nigh unto them that do good. The Hour which We had concealed from the knowledge of the peoples of the earth and of the favored angels hath come to pass. Say, verily, He hath testified of Me, and I do testify of Him. Indeed, He hath purposed no one other than Me. Unto this beareth witness every fair-minded and understanding soul.  約旦河流入至偉之洋,聖子在聖谷中大聲叫喊:“我在這裡,我在這裡,主啊,我的上帝!”而西奈圍繞聖宅轉動,燃燒的灌木叢大聲呼喊:“威儀萬千的眾望所歸者已經駕臨!”曰:看哪!聖父已到來,在天國向你們所允諾的已實現!這是聖子隱藏的聖言,當時祂對周圍的人說:“你們現在還承受不起它。”但是,當指定時刻到來、鐘點敲響時,聖言就在上帝的意旨之天際放射光芒。當心啊,聖子的信徒們啊!你們切莫將它置之身後,要緊緊抓牢它。這對你們來說勝過你們擁有的一切。確然,祂親近行善之人。我以前不讓世人和鍾愛的天使們知曉,然而那個時刻已經過去。曰:確然,祂已見證了我,我也見證了祂。的確,祂意指的別無他人,就是我。每個公正的頭腦和明悟的靈魂都對此作證。

Though beset with countless afflictions, We summon the people unto God, the Lord of names. Say, strive ye to attain that which ye have been promised in the Books of God, and walk not in the way of the ignorant. My body hath endured imprisonment that ye may be released from the bondage of self. Set your faces then towards His countenance and follow not the footsteps of every hostile oppressor. Verily, He hath consented to be sorely abased that ye may attain unto glory, and yet, ye are disporting yourselves in the vale of heedlessness. He, in truth, liveth in the most desolate of abodes for your sakes, whilst ye dwell in your palaces.  雖遭重重苦難,但我還是呼喚人們轉向上帝——那萬名之主。曰:你們要努力獲取上帝聖書裡所應許之物,不要步無知者的後塵。我的軀體之所以忍受牢獄之苦,就是為了使你們解脫自我之奴役。因此,你們要面向祂的聖容,不要步每個敵對壓迫者的後塵。確然,祂甘願承受屈辱,以便你們得獲榮耀,可你們卻在疏失之谷嬉戲。祂的確是為了你們而住在荒無人煙之所,而你們卻居於自己的豪華之宅。

Say, did ye not hearken to the Voice of the Crier, calling aloud in the wilderness of the Bayán, bearing unto you the glad-tidings of the coming of your Lord, the All-Merciful? Lo! He is come in the sheltering shadow of Testimony, invested with conclusive proof and evidence, and those who truly believe in Him regard His presence as the embodiment of the Kingdom of God. Blessed is the man who turneth towards Him, and woe betide such as deny or doubt Him. 曰:難道你們沒有聽到那神聖呼喊者的聲音,在巴揚的荒野里高喊著給你們帶來的佳音:你們的主——那最憐憫者——已經降臨?看哪!祂在神聖證據的庇蔭下降臨,攜帶了真憑實據,而那些真信祂的人,將祂的臨在視為上帝天國的體現。轉向祂的人,有福了;拒絕或懷疑祂的人,則大難臨頭。

Announce thou unto the priests: Lo! He Who is the Ruler is come. Step out from behind the veil in the name of thy Lord, He Who layeth low the necks of all men. Proclaim then unto all mankind the glad-tidings of this mighty, this glorious Revelation. Verily, He Who is the Spirit of Truth is come to guide you unto all truth. He speaketh not as prompted by His own self, but as bidden by Him Who is the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.  對牧師們宣告:看哪!那位神聖統御者已經降臨。以祢的主——那位使所有人俯首稱臣者——的名義,從帷幕後走出來吧。然後,向全人類宣告這大能的、輝煌天啟之喜訊。確然,那真理的聖靈已經降臨,將你們引向一切真理。祂所說的話並非出於自己,而是那全知者、全智者所命諭。

Say, this is the One Who hath glorified the Son and hath exalted His Cause. Cast away, O peoples of the earth, that which ye have and take fast hold of that which ye are bidden by the All-Powerful, He Who is the Bearer of the Trust of God. Purge ye your ears and set your hearts towards Him that ye may hearken to the most wondrous Call which hath been raised from Sinai, the habitation of your Lord, the Most Glorious. It will, in truth, draw you nigh unto the Spot wherein ye will perceive the splendor of the light of His countenance which shineth above this luminous Horizon. 曰:這就是那位頌揚聖子並提升其聖道的唯一者。塵世之民啊,丟掉你們所擁有的一切吧,謹遵萬能者——上帝信託的承擔者——對你們的吩咐。你們要淨化自己的耳朵,一心向著祂,這樣,你們就能傾聽發自你們無上榮耀之主的居所——西奈山——的最奇妙召喚。這召喚的確會引領你們接近聖地;在此,你們將會目睹祂閃耀在這明亮地平線上的聖容之光輝。

O concourse of priests! Leave the bells, and come forth, then, from your churches. It behooveth you, in this day, to proclaim aloud the Most Great Name among the nations. Prefer ye to be silent, whilst every stone and every tree shouteth aloud: “The Lord is come in His great glory!”? Well is it with the man who hasteneth unto Him. Verily, he is numbered among them whose names will be eternally recorded and who will be mentioned by the Concourse on High. Thus hath it been decreed by the Spirit in this wondrous Tablet. He that summoneth men in My name is, verily, of Me, and he will show forth that which is beyond the power of all that are on earth. Follow ye the Way of the Lord and walk not in the footsteps of them that are sunk in heedlessness. Well is it with the slumberer who is stirred by the Breeze of God and ariseth from amongst the dead, directing his steps towards the Way of the Lord. Verily, such a man is regarded, in the sight of God, the True One, as a jewel amongst men and is reckoned with the blissful. 諸位牧師啊!放下那些鐘鈴,走出你們的教堂吧。在這個日子裡,你們應在萬民中大聲宣揚那至大聖名。當每塊石頭、每棵樹都在高聲呼喊:“至大榮耀的主已經來到!”難道你們寧可保持沉默?快步奔向祂的人,有福了。確然,這樣的人屈指可數,他們將會永久留名,且被至高眾靈所念記。此事已被聖靈在這奇妙書簡裡所命定。確然,以我的名義召喚民眾的人屬於我,這樣的人將顯示超越塵世萬物之力量的權威。你們要緊隨主的聖道,不要重蹈身陷疏失之人的覆轍。被上帝的神聖微風拂醒,且邁步走向上帝之道的酣睡者,必蒙福佑。確然,這樣的人在上帝、那唯一真神的眼中被視為人傑,並被歸入極樂者之列。

Say: In the East the light of His Revelation hath broken; in the West have appeared the signs of His dominion. Ponder this in your hearts, O people, and be not of those who have turned a deaf ear to the admonitions of Him Who is the Almighty, the All-Praised. Let the Breeze of God awaken you. Verily, it hath wafted over the world. Well is it with him that hath discovered the fragrance thereof and been accounted among the well-assured. 曰:祂的天啟之光已在東方初露;而其統權之跡象卻顯現在西方。眾人啊,用心想想吧,不要做那對萬能者、備受讚美者的誡諭置若罔聞之人。讓上帝的聖風吹醒你吧。確然,它已吹遍全球。覺察到風中的馨香並深信不疑的人,有福了。

O concourse of bishops! Ye are the stars of the heaven of My knowledge. My mercy desireth not that ye should fall upon the earth. My justice, however, declareth: “This is that which the Son hath decreed.” And whatsoever hath proceeded out of His blameless, His truth-speaking, trustworthy mouth, can never be altered. The bells, verily, peal out My Name, and lament over Me, but My spirit rejoiceth with evident gladness. The body of the Loved One yearneth for the cross, and His head is eager for the spear, in the path of the All-Merciful. The ascendancy of the oppressor can in no wise deter Him from His purpose. We have summoned all created things to attain the presence of thy Lord, the King of all names. Blessed is the man that hath set his face towards God, the Lord of the Day of Reckoning. 主教們啊!你們是我知識之天的星辰。我的慈悲不願你們墜地。然而,我的正義宣布:“這是聖子已諭令的。”而從聖子那無可挑剔、講真話、可信的口中講出的一切永不變更。那些鐘鈴確然奏響了我的聖名,為我哀痛,但我的靈卻欣喜萬分。在最憐憫者的道路上,摯愛者的軀體渴望十字架,祂的頭欣然面對長矛。逼迫者的威權絕不可能使祂打消念頭。我曾呼喚萬物達於你主——那萬名之王的尊前。面向上帝、那清算日之主的人,有福了。

O concourse of monks! If ye choose to follow Me, I will make you heirs of My Kingdom; and if ye transgress against Me, I will, in My long-suffering, endure it patiently, and I, verily, am the Ever-Forgiving, the All-Merciful. 修士們啊!你們若決定跟隨我,我就會讓你們成為我王國的繼承人;你們若違背我,我也會在漫長的苦難中耐心忍受。確然,我是永遠寬恕者、最憐憫者。

O land of Syria! What hath become of thy righteousness? Thou art, in truth, ennobled by the footsteps of thy Lord. Hast thou perceived the fragrance of heavenly reunion, or art thou to be accounted of the heedless? 敘利亞的國土啊!你的公義如今何在?確實,你因你主的足跡而變得高貴。你是否察覺到天國重聚的芬芳,抑或你已成為了疏失者?

Bethlehem is astir with the Breeze of God. We hear her voice saying: “O most generous Lord! Where is Thy great glory established? The sweet savors of Thy presence have quickened me, after I had melted in my separation from Thee. Praised be Thou in that Thou hast raised the veils, and come with power in evident glory.” We called unto her from behind the Tabernacle of Majesty and Grandeur: “O Bethlehem! This Light hath risen in the orient, and traveled towards the occident, until it reached thee in the evening of its life. Tell Me then: Do the sons recognize the Father, and acknowledge Him, or do they deny Him, even as the people aforetime denied Him (Jesus)?” Whereupon she cried out saying: “Thou art, in truth, the All-Knowing, the Best-Informed.” Verily, We behold all created things moved to bear witness unto Us. Some know Us and bear witness, while the majority bear witness, yet know Us not.  伯利恆因上帝的神聖微風而拂動起來。我聽到了她的呼聲:“最慷慨的主啊!祢的偉大榮耀在何處樹立?與祢分離令我傷感,祢臨在的甜蜜芳香,使我複蘇。讚美歸於祢,因為祢揭開了帷幕,帶著威權和顯榮而來。”我從威嚴與宏偉的聖帳後面向她呼喚:“伯利恆啊!這聖光已從東方升起,並趕赴西方,直到其在垂暮之年到達你那裡。那麼告訴我:子民們是否認知聖父,並承認祂?或者拒絕祂,就像從前人們拒絕祂(耶穌)那樣?”聞此,她大聲說:“祢的確是全知者、全曉者。”確然,我看到一切造物都行動起來,為我作證。有些人知曉我,作了見證,大部分人則有所見證,但尚未認知我。

Mount Sinai is astir with the joy of beholding Our countenance. She hath lifted her enthralling voice in glorification of her Lord, saying: “O Lord! I sense the fragrance of Thy garment. Methinks Thou art near, invested with the signs of God. Thou hast ennobled these regions with Thy footsteps. Great is the blessedness of Thy people, could they but know Thee and inhale Thy sweet savors; and woe betide them that are fast asleep.”  西奈山因目睹我的容顏而喜不自勝。她提高迷人的嗓音頌揚她的主:“主啊!我聞到了祢衣袍的芳香。在我看來,祢已臨近,帶著上帝的徵象。祢以自己的腳步使這些區域變得高貴。祢的子民若能認知祢,並且吸入祢甜蜜的芳香,他們就會大大蒙福;那些沉睡者則要遭殃。”

Happy art thou who hast turned thy face towards My countenance, inasmuch as thou hast rent the veils asunder, hast shattered the idols and recognized thine eternal Lord. The people of the Qur’án have risen up against Us without any clear proof or evidence, tormenting Us at every moment with a fresh torment. They idly imagine that tribulations can frustrate Our Purpose. Vain indeed is that which they have imagined. Verily, thy Lord is the One Who ordaineth whatsoever He pleaseth. 面向我的人啊,你有福了,因為你撕碎了面紗,打碎了偶像,認出了你永恆的主。《古蘭經》的子民無任何證物和證據對我發起攻擊,隨時對我施加新的折磨。他們妄想著苦難會挫敗我的意旨。他們的妄想無疑是徒勞一場。確然,你主就是因其所欲而所為的唯一者。

I never passed a tree but Mine heart addressed it saying: “O would that thou wert cut down in My name, and My body crucified upon thee.” We revealed this passage in the Epistle to the Sháh that it might serve as a warning to the followers of religions. Verily, thy Lord is the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.  每當我經過一棵樹,心裡總是對它說:“啊!要是因我的名你被砍倒,然後我的身體被釘在你上面而死,那該多好!”我在致沙阿的書簡裡啟示過這段經文,希望它成為宗教信徒們的一個警示。確然,你的主是全知者、全智者。

Let not the things they have perpetrated grieve thee. Truly they are even as dead, and not living. Leave them unto the dead, then turn thy face towards Him Who is the Life-Giver of the world. Beware lest the sayings of the heedless sadden thee. Be thou steadfast in the Cause, and teach the people with consummate wisdom. Thus enjoineth thee the Ruler of earth and heaven. He is in truth the Almighty, the Most Generous. Erelong will God exalt thy remembrance and will inscribe with the Pen of Glory that which thou didst utter for the sake of His love. He is in truth the Protector of the doers of good.  莫因他們的行事而悲傷。他們是行屍走肉,而非活人。讓他們與死者為伍吧,要將你的臉朝向祂——那塵世生命的賜予者。當心啊,免得疏失者的話使你悲傷。你要對聖道堅定不移,用至上的智慧教導民眾。天地的統御者如此命諭你。誠然,祂是全能者、最慷慨者。不久,上帝就會讚揚你的念記,並以榮耀聖筆銘記你為祂的愛而說出的話語。祂確然是行善之人的保護者。

Give My remembrance to the one named Murád and say: “Blessed art thou, O Murád, inasmuch as thou didst cast away the promptings of thine own desire and hast followed Him Who is the Desire of all mankind.” 代我問候穆拉德,並且說:“穆拉德啊,你有福了!因為你丟棄了自己的渴望,去追隨祂——那全人類的希望。”

Say: Blessed the slumberer who is awakened by My Breeze. Blessed the lifeless one who is quickened through My reviving breaths. Blessed the eye that is solaced by gazing at My beauty. Blessed the wayfarer who directeth his steps towards the Tabernacle of My glory and majesty. Blessed the distressed one who seeketh refuge beneath the shadow of My canopy. Blessed the sore athirst who hasteneth to the soft-flowing waters of My loving-kindness. Blessed the insatiate soul who casteth away his selfish desires for love of Me and taketh his place at the banquet table which I have sent down from the heaven of divine bounty for My chosen ones. Blessed the abased one who layeth fast hold on the cord of My glory; and the needy one who entereth beneath the shadow of the Tabernacle of My wealth. Blessed the ignorant one who seeketh the fountain of My knowledge; and the heedless one who cleaveth to the cord of My remembrance. Blessed the soul that hath been raised to life through My quickening breath and hath gained admittance into My heavenly Kingdom. Blessed the man whom the sweet savors of reunion with Me have stirred and caused to draw nigh unto the Dayspring of My Revelation. Blessed the ear that hath heard and the tongue that hath borne witness and the eye that hath seen and recognized the Lord Himself, in His great glory and majesty, invested with grandeur and dominion. Blessed are they that have attained His presence. Blessed the man who hath sought enlightenment from the Daystar of My Word. Blessed he who hath attired his head with the diadem of My love. Blessed is he who hath heard of My grief and hath arisen to aid Me among My people. Blessed is he who hath laid down his life in My path and hath borne manifold hardships for the sake of My name. Blessed the man who, assured of My Word, hath arisen from among the dead to celebrate My praise. Blessed is he that hath been enraptured by My wondrous melodies and hath rent the veils asunder through the potency of My might. Blessed is he who hath remained faithful to My Covenant, and whom the things of the world have not kept back from attaining My Court of holiness. Blessed is the man who hath detached himself from all else but Me, hath soared in the atmosphere of My love, hath gained admittance into My Kingdom, gazed upon My realms of glory, quaffed the living waters of My bounty, hath drunk his fill from the heavenly river of My loving providence, acquainted himself with My Cause, apprehended that which I concealed within the treasury of My Words, and hath shone forth from the horizon of divine knowledge engaged in My praise and glorification. Verily, he is of Me. Upon him rest My mercy, My loving-kindness, My bounty and My glory.  曰:沉睡者被我的柔風吹醒,有福了。無生命者由我複甦的氣息喚醒,有福了。眼睛凝望我的圣美而得安慰,有福了。行道者走向我榮耀和威儀的帳篷,有福了。傷痛者在我華蓋的蔭涼下尋求庇護,有福了。焦渴者奔赴我仁愛的柔波江海,有福了。那不知足的靈魂為了愛我而拋棄自私的慾望,有福了。我從神聖恩典的天國,為我所揀選的人降下了宴席,而他在那宴席前找到了自己的位置。卑賤者緊執我榮耀的繩索,有福了。貧乏者進入我財富的帳篷下,有福了。無知者尋覓我知識的甘泉,有福了。疏失者堅守我念記的繩索,有福了。靈魂經我複甦的氣息獲得重生、獲准進入我的天國,有福了。凡人因與我重聚的甜蜜氣息而激動並趨近我啟示的晨曦,有福了。主本身在其至大榮耀和威嚴中,賦以高貴和統權地位,耳朵聽到有福了,舌頭證實有福了,眼睛看見有福了。抵達祂尊前的人有福了。我的話語是朝陽,向它尋求啟迪的人有福了。我的愛是王冠,把它戴在頭上的人有福了。聽到了我的悲痛,在我的眾民間起而援助我的人,有福了。為我的道而奉獻生命、為我的聖名忍受困苦的人,有福了。人若確信我的聖言,在無生命者中挺身而起,頌揚我的讚美,那便有福了。人若沉醉於我美妙的旋律,任由我的大能撕碎其眼前的遮幕,那便有福了。人若對我的聖約忠​​誠不渝,不讓塵世俗物阻礙他抵達我的聖庭,那便有福了。人若除我之外超脫一切,翱翔在我愛的空氣中,獲准進入我的國度,目睹我榮耀的王國,暢飲我恩典的活水,豪飲我天佑慈愛的聖河,了解我的聖道,理解我隱藏在聖言中的珍寶,全心讚美我和榮耀我而在神聖知識的天際散發光輝,那便有福了。確然,這樣的人是出於我的。這樣的人得著我的憐憫、我的慈愛、我的恩典和我的榮耀。

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