Prayer and Meditation for Distress 藉由祈禱與默思使心得釋放

I learned to use the Word of God for prayer and meditation when I was in distress. Here is an example. 在愁苦中,我學會用神的話來祈禱與默思,這裡舉個例子。

When we are treated unequally, we can pray like this and use the Word of God to call to Him to relieve our distress with His mighty power. Rely on Him. 當我們被不公的對待時,可以這樣跟神喊話, 在禱告中藉主的話得力量,來倚靠祂 :

“How long, O you sons of men, 你們這上流人哪,

Will you turn my glory to shame? 你們將我的尊榮變為羞辱要到幾時呢?

How long will you love worthlessness and seek falsehood? 你們喜愛虛妄,尋找虛假,要到幾時呢?


Be angry, and do not sin. 我們應當畏懼,可以生氣但不可犯罪;

I Meditate within my heart on my bed and be still. 在床上時,要在心裡靜思, 並使心安靜在神面前。

I Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, 我們當獻上公義的祭,

And put my trust in you, O my Lord. 又當倚靠祢,啊! 我的神。


O God of my righteousness! 顯我為義的神啊!

You have put gladness in my heart, 你使我心裡快樂,

More than in the season that their grain and wine increased. 勝過那豐收五穀新酒的人。

I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; 我必安然躺下睡覺,

For You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.” 因為獨有你 ─ 耶和華使我安然居住。

~ Psalms 4 詩篇 4 ~

After our prayer, we need to meditate. So our heart can be still in front of God and the mighty power of God can penetrate into our soul. With meditation, the radiance of the Word of God reflects in our heart, we gain strenth and rejoice. This process needs time. Prayer and mediation need to go together in order to release the distress. This is the way to live in God and find inner peace.


On the other hand, we also need to seek our own faults. `Abdu’l-Bahá Said: “Heedless souls are always seeking faults in others. The hypocrite knows of others’ faults but he is blind to his own. If a man does not find his own faults, he can never become perfect. Nothing is more fruitful for man than the knowledge of his own shortcomings.”


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