真理是一 Truth is One

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Truth is one. Truth is like an ocean without shores. 真理是一、真理浩瀚無邊。

Whenever we talk about or hear about the truth, it is only one aspect of it, not the whole thing. 我們每次談論的、聽見的真理,都只是真理的一個層面,並非全部。

Truth has many levels of meaning, by learning the many levels of meaning, we raise our understanding of the truth. 真理的意義有無數層面,認識無數的層面意義才能提升對真理的認識。

Like blind people encountering an elephant, none of them can give the whole perspective of the elephant, only the parts they touch. 就像盲人摸象,盲人永遠無法感知大象的全貌。

With our inner eyes closed, what we understand is only part of the truth, we can only talk about the parts we touch. 若我們的靈性之眼被障蔽了,我們所理解的與談論的,都只能是我們所觸及的某一層面之真理。

When we learn about God we are only understanding part of God’s truth. We can never learn enough to truly comprehend God. 認識上帝是認識真理,我們只能理解自己所觸及的那部分意義,我們永遠無法完全認識上帝。

There is only one God and only one truth. 上帝是唯一、是獨一,這是「一真」真理。

In creation, God is manifested in many names. 上帝在創造界是以名號顯現。

From His names we can learn the different attributes of God. 藉由對每個上帝名號的認識,我們認識了上帝的不同屬性與特質。

Abraham means the father of many nations, God is the exalted father of all. This is one of the attributes of God. 亞伯拉罕有「多國之父」「崇高之父」之意,是上帝的名號之一。

Moses means he that rises up from the water. This is also one of the attributes of God. He taught people to purify themselves, like rising up from the water, through the commandments and laws of God. 摩西有「水裡上來的」之意,亦是上帝名號之一,教導人類要如水洗滌後般的潔淨,藉由戒律淨化自身。

The Buddha’s title “Sakyamuni” means “capacity” and “courage”; “Muni” has the meaning of “the power to do good for humanity through calmness”, teaching the human heart to be pure and calm. The power of God is reflected in that calmness. 釋迦牟尼的「釋迦」有「能」、「勇」的意思;「牟尼」有「能仁寂默」之意,佛陀教導人類心要「清淨寂滅」,平靜的心能生起「成就他人」的萬法,那是上帝來的大能。

Christ means the “anointed” in Greek. In Hebrew, “messiah” means appointed by God to rescue people. He brought salvation of the Gospel, bestowed the heavenly spirit of life, and taught us to love the Heavenly Father. 基督原意是「受膏者」,也等同於希伯來語中彌賽亞,意思是「受上帝指派,來拯救世人的救世主」。祂帶來救贖的天國福音,賜予天國的生命「靈性生命」,也教導天國的愛–犧牲的愛,要人類愛那創造自己的天父。

Muhammad means “highly praised.” Islam means “to accept and obey the command or will of God.” Muslim mean “obedience” and “achievement of peace.” Muhammad taught us to believe in a unique and unparalleled God, and believe that the sole purpose of life is to worship and obey God. 穆罕默德是「受到高度讚揚」之意。伊斯蘭的意思是「接納和順從真主的命令或意志」,而穆斯林意思是「順從者」、「實現和平者」。信仰獨一且無與倫比的安拉,並認知人生的唯一目的是崇拜或順從安拉。表現美善就是崇拜。

The Bab means the “gate”. Bahá’u’lláh means of “the glory of God”. The appearance of the double manifestation of the Holy Spirit (Bab and Baha’u’llah) is the “gate” of glory and manifestation of God. It also means the door of heaven to the world. God steps out of the gate of heaven to meet with us. Those who remove the veils covering their spiritual eyes can see Him, and He will be with them forever and ever. 巴孛有「門」之意,巴哈歐拉是「榮耀的上帝」之意,雙顯聖的天啟,巴孛是榮耀上帝顯聖之「門」,也是「天國之門」向人間敞開之意。唯一真神步出天國之門,當人們挪去那障礙靈性之眼的面紗時,就能看見祂。唯一真神步出天國之門要與其子女相會,並與他們永永遠遠在一起。

Each religious messenger is given a name of God, which represents the special meaning of God’s spiritual teaching to each human being and the work to be done by that revelation. 每個宗教創使者都被賦予一個上帝的名號,代表著每個天啟上帝對人類的精神教導的特殊意義與該天啟要完成的工作。

Therefore, the need to know the truth is comprehensive. It is not just the understanding of the names of God, but also the hidden meaning in the names and the will of God that brings us His revelation. It is the spirit of faith and truth. 所以認識真理需要是全面的,不能只是停留在名號的認識,名號中隱藏的意義與每個顯聖者帶來上帝要進行的工作旨意,才是信仰與真理的精神所在。

This year we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Bab’s birth, and the revelation of the new reality. Through the Bab (the Gate) and Baha’u’llah (the Glory of God) the oneness of God and all of His religions is revealed. This will bring about the unity of mankind and the fulfillment of the promises of all the religions. 今年十月我們慶祝巴孛200週年誕辰。藉由巴孛與巴哈歐拉的雙聖顯聖,上帝獨一與宗教一體的真理被啟示了,其目的是要帶領人類進入「一體」與「團結」。這是上帝每個啟示天啟一直以來所提及的應許,這個天啓是上帝應允要實現之新世紀。


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