The Names of God上帝的名號

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“Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the wild animals of the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.” So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. (Gen 1:26-27)

使 (創世紀 1:26~27)

Can we be more like God? The Names and the Attributes of God from Bahá’u’lláh’s Writings can help us have a better understanding of what God is like. I hope this will help us in our spiritual practice.

我們如何可以更有神的樣子? 或許從巴哈歐拉告訴我們的上帝名號與屬性可以幫助我們對上帝的形像有更清楚的認識,可以作為我們靈性成長、屬靈操練、修心修行努力的方向。

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He is the Healer, the Sufficer, the Helper, the All-Forgiving, the All-Merciful. 祂是神醫,滿足者,救助者,赦免者,大慈大悲者。

I call on Thee O Exalted One, O Faithful One, O Glorious One! Thou the Sufficing, Thou the Healing, Thou the Abiding, O Thou Abiding One! 我祈求祢,尊貴者,誠信者,榮耀者啊!祢是滿足者,祢是醫治者,祢永恆不變,萬古如一!

O Sovereign, O Upraiser, O Judge! 統御者,振興者,審判者啊!

O Peerless One, O Eternal One, O Single One! 無與倫比者,永恆者,唯一獨尊者啊!

O Most Praised One, O Holy One, O Helping One! 備受讚美者,神聖者,救助者啊!

O Omniscient, O Most Wise, O Most Great One! 全知者,全智者,至高者!

O Clement One, O Majestic One, O Ordaining One! 仁惠者,威嚴者,命定者啊!

O Beloved One, O Cherished One, O Enraptured One! 備受仰愛者,令人懷念者,令人欣喜者啊!

O Mightiest One, O Sustaining One, O Potent One! 至為強大者,維護者,威力強大者啊!

O Ruling One, O Self-Subsisting, O All-Knowing One! 統御者,自在自存者,無所不知者啊!

O Spirit, O Light, O Most Manifest One! 聖靈,聖光,至為光明者啊!

O Thou Frequented by all, O Thou Known to all, O Thou Hidden from all! 最為眾生親近者,無人不曉者,隱匿於萬眾者啊!

O Concealed One, O Triumphant One, O Bestowing One! 隱秘者,勝利者,賜福者啊!

O Almighty, O Succoring One, O Concealing One! 全能者,救助者,隱秘者啊!

O Fashioner, O Satisfier, O Uprooter! 塑造者,滿足者,根絕者啊!

O Rising One, O Gathering One, O Exalting One! 超越者,匯集者,崇高者啊!

O Perfecting One, O Unfettered One, O Bountiful One! 完美者,無拘無束者,寬宏大量者啊!

O Beneficent One, O Withholding One, O Creating One! 仁惠者,克制者,創造者啊!

O Most Sublime One, O Beauteous One, O Bounteous One! 至尊者,圣美者,慷慨者啊!

O Just One, O Gracious One, O Generous One! 正義者,寬仁者,慷慨者啊!

O All-Compelling, O Ever-Abiding, O Most Knowing One! 令人肅然起敬者,永恆不變者,全智者啊!

O Magnificent One, O Ancient of Days, O Magnanimous One! 浩然盛大者,永恆的上帝,寬宏大量者啊!

O Well-guarded One, O Lord of Joy, O Desired One! 慎防者,快樂之光,人所渴望者啊!

O Thou Kind to all, O Thou Compassionate with all, O Most Benevolent One! 善待萬人,憐憫萬人,至為仁慈者啊!

O Haven for all, O Shelter to all, O All-Preserving One! 眾人的庇護者,避難所,保全一切者啊!

O Thou Succorer of all, O Thou Invoked by all, O Quickening One! 眾人的救助者,眾人所央求者,使人復活者啊!

O Unfolder, O Ravager, O Most Clement One! 開啟者,興革者,大慈大悲者啊!

O Thou my Soul, O Thou my Beloved, O Thou my Faith! 我的靈魂,我的鍾愛者,我的信仰!

O Quencher of thirsts, O Transcendent Lord, O Most Precious One! 解除飢渴者,超絕的主,至為尊貴者啊!

O Greatest Remembrance, O Noblest Name, O Most Ancient Way! 偉大的記憶,至為尊貴的聖名,亙古之道啊!

O Most Lauded, O Most Holy, O Sanctified One! 最受讚譽者,最聖潔者,超凡入聖者啊!

O Unfastener, O Counselor, O Deliverer! 釋宥者,忠告者,解救者啊!

O Friend, O Physician, O Captivating One! 摯友,神醫,引人入勝者啊!

O Glory, O Beauty, O Bountiful One! 榮耀者,圣美者,慷慨者啊!

O the Most Trusted, O the Best Lover, O Lord of the Dawn! 最受信賴者,最愛的戀人,黎明之光啊!

O Enkindler, O Brightener, O Bringer of Delight! 激勵者,啟明者,快樂的使者啊!

O Lord of Bounty, O Most Compassionate, O Most Merciful One! 恩賜之主,至為憐憫者,至為慈悲者啊!

O Constant One, O Life-giving One, O Source of all Being! 恆常不變者,賜予生命者,萬物之源啊!

O Thou Who penetratest all things, O All-Seeing God, O Lord of Utterance! 洞察一切者,透視萬物的上帝,宣示之主啊!

O Manifest yet Hidden, O Unseen yet Renowned, O Onlooker sought by all! 既顯明又隱秘,不可見卻又名滿天下,萬人所渴盼的鑑察者啊!

O Thou Who slayest the Lovers, O God of Grace to the wicked! 摧毀戀人者,卻對邪惡者寬宏大量的神啊!

O Sufficer, I call on Thee, O Sufficer! 滿足者啊,我祈求祢,滿足者!

O Healer, I call on Thee, O Healer! 醫治者啊,我祈求祢,醫治者!

O Abider, I call on Thee, O Abider! 永恆者啊,我祈求祢,永恆者!

Thou the Ever-Abiding, O Thou Abiding One! 祢永恆不變,萬古如一!

Thou art verily the Powerful, the All-Sufficing, the Healing, the Protector, the Giving, the Compassionate, the All-Generous, the All-Merciful. 誠然,祢是大力者,滿足一切者。祢是神醫,保護者,施恩者,慈悲者,最為慷慨者,大慈大悲者。

Bahá’u’lláh 巴哈歐拉

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