The Wonders of God’s Creation

Let’s introduce couple videos of discovery from science to look into the world of God’s creation. Knowing more about the wonders of God helps me appreciate the world around me. It also helps the “usual” become “alive” again. During times when I have trouble appreciating things or people around me, my life goes wrong. Negative thoughts easily slip in. We can enjoy our life by looking around at the wonders of the world which God created for us. This is the way to think about His love. It is around us and very close to us or even right next to us. Maybe we were so busy and didn’t pay attention to it. Try to feel it next time when you hear the birds singing, listen to the water running in the creek, feel the wind blowing, watch the clouds move, walk in the woods, enjoy the colors….and give thanks for the wonderful creation He made and His love for us. I hope very soon you will start to feel His love more and more everyday.

Wisdom of geese

Chinese version with different pictures and music:

God of wonders

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