Our God

Our God, the only and the greatest Creator. People have different names and concepts of the Creator, based on faith traditions and also differences in the way each person understands and experiences God, and experiences life in general, influenced by family, friends, inner desires, and observing the good and bad in the world. Some have decided that there is no one Creator or that they don’t know.

The various concepts of God that people have are due to their different experiences and influences. We may learn more about God by looking for commonalities and understanding the differences in the light of their history .

It is said that the Buddha pointed toward the Moon to indicate a direction one may aspire to follow although one may never reach it. He taught the Three Signs of All Existence, which are the impermanence of all things (anicca),the unsatisfactory nature of material existence which produces suffering (dukkha), and the ultimate non-existence of self ( anatta). These are some of the truths the Buddha revealed to mankind. Although Buddhists don’t talk about God they understand the ultimate reality to be the Unconditioned, also called the Unborn, the Unoriginated, the Uncreated, and the Uncompounded. The Unconditioned can be explained  only by stating what it is not; for it is beyond words and beyond thought. This is also true of the understanding of God in other faiths. 

Before Buddha there was Lao Tzu from China who taught the truth from his observation of history, society, and natural phenomena, he call it the “Tao”. The principle he taught in Tao Te Ching is wisdom for personal guidance, also for regulating a country too. The truth which Lao Tzu pointed to is same as the truth we understand now as from God.

God is spirit. We cannot understand or know Him in His Essence. He is beyond human understanding and describable in human language. The Figures in history that gave rise to the world’s religions such as Abraham, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and Bahá’u’lláh, explained the attributes of God through analogy or metaphor, and reflect the attributes of God personally. They can be thought of as Manifestations of God among us. We can learn about God through the characteristics of each Manifestation and from the stories they taught. Everyone might have different understandings or different imaginations. It is OK to be different. All the descriptions have the same the goal to point us toward God. By knowing Him so we can make a connection with Him. Personally, I like to “imagine” the Creator as a like a man and understand Him like I understand a person. At the same time I know He is greater then what I think.

God is a living God. He is spiritual and around us. He knows everything about everyone. He knows our thoughts and sees our intentions even if we haven’t done so. He interacts with us. He listens to what we pray for and knows what we ask. He responds to our prayers. But He won’t respond if what we ask is not what He wishes for us. He is like a father watching out for us. He also is like a master who we serve. He want us love Him like a child loves his father. He also wants us love him like a young women engaged with him, committed to carrying things with Him. He has a permanent and truthful relationship with us, but he won’t force us unless we really want to (Love him enough). He is so in love with us, because we are his creation. He treasures us like His precious treasure. He created us in the image of Him. He wants to have us around Him like a big family. And he wants us to love him back by thinking about him, talking to him (praise and prayer), appreciating him, doing the things He wants for us, loving others like He loves us. 

God’s attributes and wisdom reflect in all the creation He made. The wisdom is so deep that is impossible for us to completely understand. His mystery is the wonder we never explore enough. To know who He is, you can only reach through your soul… I hope you really feel want to know him more and feel your own.

Now like to share this video with you to praise our Magnificent God. http://youtu.be/xv19yFIVzS8 

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