Get ready for change

Persuing a spiritual life is not only to know who we are more completely, but also to transform our life. So we can live happier and deal with things around us in our daily lives differently, more wisely. To have the transformation there are some things we need to adjust in our life. The first thing is to have some time for meditate or prayer everyday. If we are focused outwardly all the time, there is no way to find out what is going on inside ourselves. Meditation and prayer allows us to be in the present moment and look at what we can enjoy or appreciate in our busy life, to review ourselves and see what we can improve and do better for ourselves and for others. To look at situations with mindfulness allows us to make better decisions or solve problems in more effective way, to seek for spiritual guidance or simply rest our mind. 

Meditation is like settling a bowl of disturbed water. When the waves stop the surface can reflect things better. Our mind is like the bowl of water. If it is occupied, the mind will be like disturbed water. What it reflects will be distorted.  A calm mind reflects things well, but a disturbed mind reflects a distorted image. This practice is important because we can’t see the truth if it is not reflected perfectly. Think about this, when we have a calm mind we can have better acceptance of things that happen unexpectedly. If not, we panic. Different reactions have an effect on how we deal with things. With a regular base of practice settling our mind, we can have peaceful feelings and experience the benefits of it. The more we feel good about doing this, the more we like to come back to it. The goal is when we lose our peace of mind, we know how to get back to by meditation.

How long should I meditate every day? You can start with 10 or 15 minutes. Meditation together with prayer can do more than just calm our mind by sitting quietly. We will talk about that more later. Let’s grab a moment and sit in meditation. Try to put all thinking, include worries, aside. I hope after a busy day you will enjoy this relaxing moment.

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